Norwegian Seaways Launching March 2016 – Sweden 2+1

Just when all hope appeared lost, Norwegian Seaways names a date for the resumption of ferry services between the UK and Scandinavia.

Also, more air quality alerts in Paris. Another setback for MyFerryLink. Petrol prices rise in Luxembourg.



Says market conditions have changed.

Bergen harbour: photo Eike.

Bergen harbour: photo Eike.

Norwegian Seaways has set a date for the resumption of ferry services between the UK and Scandinavia.

In what is presumably a reference to falling fuel prices, the company says the market conditions have changed. It expects to finalise funding in the spring ahead of a brand launch in September and the start of services – likely between Newcastle, Bergen and Stavanger – the following March.

In a statement via the International Campaign for the Ferry to Norway (ICFN), Norwegian Seaways operations director Paul Woodbury says, ‘In 2014 we had a viable plan. We now have an even more viable plan given the change in market conditions. We have overhauled our business plan and are finalising our strategy with the intent of securing final funding in the spring of this year for launch of a new brand in September 2015 and a new service in March 2016.’

ICFN adds, ‘This latest statement from Norwegian Seaways follows a string of recent positive developments which tend to show that Norwegian Seaways’ cautious and meticulous approach in its efforts to restore the UK – Norway ferry service over the years is about to pay dividends… although the statement is brief, the message it conveys will be welcome news for thousands of travellers across the UK and throughout Scandinavia.’

The final UK-Scandinavia ferry service, operated by DFDS between Harwich and Esbjerg, Denmark, was withdrawn last September. Norwegian Seaways first emerged as a potential operator in November 2013. In the meantime Regina Lines’ proposed replacement Harwich-Esbjerg service has, apparently, failed to get off the ground.

At debate in the Scottish Parliament on ferry links to Scandinavia earlier this month, transport minister Derek Mackay said the government supported the idea but any help is could offer would be ‘limited’.


Sweden: final stretch of 2+1 on the E4 Stockholm-Malmo motorway to be widened. More later.

Sweden: final stretch of ‘ultra safe’ 2+1 on the E4 Stockholm-Malmo motorway to be widened. More later. Photo @DriveEurope.


roundup: FRANCE. Paris air quality observer Airparif says pollutant levels are expected to reach 77/100 tomorrow, well over the threshold of 50/100 which triggers abatement measures. Expect reduced speed limits at the very least. CROSSING THE CHANNEL. The ‘SCOP’ workers co-operative at MyFerryLink had their application for appeal against the recent Eurotunnel II ruling unanimously rejected by the Competition Appeal Tribunal yesterday. The last hope for the Dover-Calais operator, and its employees, is to be sold as a going concern. LUXEMBOURG. The (nationally regulated) price of petrol has actually increased today after months of falls. Unleaded 95 now costs €1.076/l and unleaded 98 €1.14 says Diesel stays the same, at €0.963, for now.


103 thoughts on “Norwegian Seaways Launching March 2016 – Sweden 2+1

  1. I note in other forums DFDS have just now just subcontracted there Esbjerg freight division administration to Blue Water in Esbjerg making approx. 67 DFDS employee’s redundant.
    So I cannot ever see DFDS returning to passenger shipping between uk and northern Europe again while its top management is in place .
    Not unless DFDS get some form of subsidy from the Danish or British local councils or governments. As DFDS have recived between one of there routes between uk and France.

      • Hi Louise
        I’m don’t know how old you are – I’m 68 and don’t expect to see this ferry service in my lifetime.
        I recently looked at driving from Stavanger to Norwich 2 people, It priced out around 10,000kr or £1000. With ferry from Stavanger to Hirtshalls – 12 hour drive from Hirtshalls to Rotterdam – ferry from Rotterdam to Harwich – drive up to Norwich and then the return trip. Your looking at 3 days each way especially if you want to overnight on the way instead of the 12 hour solid drive from/ to Hirtshalls to Rotterdam which would include extra cost for hotels etc.
        The proposed ferry would most probably cost maybe as much but would certainly be less stressfull,
        But it just ain’t going to happen.
        Shame really.

      • It is a shame we travelled by motorcycle and had a fabulous holiday but the cost is just to high I also have priced that up.. I’m 47 my other half is 60 this year so we’re not hopeful..

      • If you look at all the DFDS ships that travel from Uk to Denmark you would think that they could make it pay to take passengers and cars as well, but I think now they don’t want the inter action with the general public on these routes. As they want a quicker turn round with freight at the ports.
        If we leave the EU, duty free would return and this is one of the reasons DFDS gave to closing down passenger routes along with sulphur EU laws on ship pollution with the last passenger ship in 2014.
        Allegedly 80,000 passengers a year did not pay DFDS to run a freight ship with passengers in 2014.
        At it height in the early 90,s DFDS carried 300,000 passengers between uk and Denmark. but with falling numbers no other shipping company wants to take on any route from the uk to Scandinavia or northern Germany at the present time in 2019

      • Below is a link to the old Jupiter which used to do the Stavanger- Bergen – Newcastle run.
        Its still in service with a Cambodia flag and home port in Pnohm Penh.

        These are the ferries that run between Bergen – Stavanger- Hirtshalls. Very nice new vessels, run on LPG, for the route they do.
        I guess you would need similar investment to make the Newcastle ferry viable.

      • A big shame………..
        I have booked for a Norway “excursion” in June coming. Living in Scotland, we drive to Newcastle for the overnight DFDS ferry to Amsterdam. Then driving up to Hirtshals – roughly 10 hrs. – for overnight stay and ferry next day to Larvik. DFDS return ticket just under £1000 for a commodore cabin and car. Will return via Malmo over “the Bridge” and Copenhagen. We go to Norway quite a bit and have previously done this route, but we always remember how good it was when Fred. Olsen , Norway line, Color Line and DFDS sailed from Newcastle to Norway.
        May be, as per Mick’s note, when we’re out of the EU and Duty Free returns, they will reconsider.

  2. I can’t understand how a ferry company cannot make it pay to run a ferry from uk to Scandinavia.
    Stena Line 2 people Harwich to hook of Holland return day sailings with car and day cabin return with meals £430 return. slightly more on night crossing.
    To break the journey to Denmark overnight hotel B.B apox £85 then back to uk £85. Fuel {petrol} from hook of Holland to middle of Denmark apox £110 same back £110 stopping for breaks each way say £30 if you add all that up it comes £850 surely a ferry company could do it for around the same price and still make a profit i.e. £425 each way with a car and cabin for two people. and hopefully duty free will return to booster the ships profits as we are nearly out of the E.U

  3. There is still no passenger ferry from the uk to Scandinavia and its February 2020, It,s nearly 6 years since the last passenger service.
    Now duty free is coming back in January 2021, hopefully we will get our ship back so we can take our cars and bikes back to Scandinavia for our holidays.

  4. Wow its 2021 and we still have no passenger/car ferries to Scandinavia or North Germany from the UK since September 2014, and we have duty free back now, surely it must pay a shipping company to run a ship now to the Uk. There is pent up demand for such a service, once the covid restrictions are lifted hopefully by the end of July 2021
    It would be lovely to have a ferry company to have something in place for 2022 at the latest.

    • Totally agree Mick. Lots of people will be chomping at the bit to get away after the strange times and lockdowns we have all been through. I can’t believe a similar service from Newcastle hasn’t been brought back in service and truly hope that it won’t be too long now. It was a fantastic start to your holiday – going over from Newcastle – it got you in the mood for what was to come and me and my two kids would talk and talk before going to bed on the ferry about all the things we were going to see and do etc etc. We definitely miss the ferry. Here’s hoping.

      • Yes Snowy
        It would be good if Colour Line or Fjord Line extended there ferry routes from Norway and Hirtshals in north west Denmark to Newcastle.

  5. There is still no ferry service for passengers and cars in August 2021 since the last route was closed in September 2014 from the Uk To Denmark or any other Scandinavian country, you think another shipping company would make a service now.
    There is pent up demand for a service for travel between Uk and Scandinavia.

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