Berlinka Bypass

Last updated 18:00GMT, Friday 27 February.


TODAY: France: 5-15cm of snow expected on Alps motorways, 10:00-14:00, affecting the A40 Bourg-Bellegarde, A43 Lyon-Chambery and A48>Grenoble (heavy rain A40 earlier but no snow as yet). Snow chains needed to access some ski resorts, certainly Alpe d’Huez. Also fresh snow south west Germany/ west Austria, Lake Constance-Stuttgart-Bregenz, and A28 east Switzerland. 

Also, on-going weather disruption ferry services Brittany Ferries UK-Spain and knock-on disruption to Portsmouth/Plymouth-Roscoff/St Malo over the weekend. Storm Iceland.

YESTERDAY: flooding and avalanche risk Pyrenees region, Spain and France, see (roads marked red need chains, black closed). Access to several ski stations, especially in the west, blocked for the past few days but expected to be cleared overnight Friday-Saturday.

NEWSWeekend Traffic + Weather, better than last weekend but still busy in the French Alps. A new bus/taxi lane introduced on the Paris A1 in the spring.


CHANNEL DELAYS: no delays overnight.

WEATHER ALERT: amber alert high winds Spain, floods France, high winds, storm, heavy rain Italy, storm, heavy rain Greece.

WEATHER: windy South of France, heavy rain Greece, thunder Mediterranean.


MONT BLANC TUNNEL: ‘traffic is fluent’.

MAJOR TRAFFIC DELAYS: A43 westbound Chambery, heavy traffic total delay 45mins.

A58 westbound to Tilburg, earlier accident Oirschot delay down to 40mins.


See Travel/Traffic/Weather for more.


Poland: a stretch of Berlinka, the original Berlin-Konigsberg (Kaliningrad) autobahn. More later.

Poland: in road geek circles the exact route of the fabled 390 mile Berlinka autobahn – between Berlin and what was Konigsberg (now Kaliningrad) – is still the subject of excited debate. Only the first 80 miles between Berlin and Stettin (Szczecin) were opened before the war. Another stretch between Elblag and Konigsberg in the east was a single lane only. Poland’s refusal to let the Germans build the so-called ‘Danzig Corridor’ across their own corridor to the Baltic – which split East Prussia from the rest of Germany – was one of the main reasons cited for the invasion in 1939. The original plans showed two roads, one heading via the free city of Danzig (Gdansk) – known as Berlinki – and the other straight to Konigsberg, Berlinka. The latter is the one best remembered and the one forced labour roughly paved in the war years. The section above, the Chojnice bypass – a town, formerly Konitz, right on the old Poland Corridor border – is now DK22. The bypass was only built in 2006 but is now thought to trace the precise route of the original road. More on this when we get a chance for a closer look.


Weekend traffic: with the school holidays more or less over skiing traffic starts to subside but the French Alps are still expected to be busy if not jammed (a Red Saturday not a Black Saturday says Bison Fute). Drivers heading into the Pyrenees could face more problems, especially in the west, after heavy snow, rain and avalanche alerts this week though the situation is improving with the remaining blockages expected to be removed overnight or tomorrow morning. In Germany the issue will be road works, the A1 Dortmund-Cologne, A3 Frankfurt-Würzburg, A8 Stuttgart-München, A8 Saarlouis-Neunkirchen, A24 Hamburg-Pritzwalk and A44 Essen–Düsseldorf all see closures in places and diversions over the weekend, as does the A1 Linz-Vienna and A23 Vienna in Austria.

Weekend weather: snow in the Alps today followed by a front of wet and windy weather moving in from the west over Saturday and Sunday says the BBC.


roundup: FRANCE. From the end of April, a southbound lane of the A1 from Charles de Gaulle airport at Roissy into Paris will closed to all vehicles except buses and taxis between 06:30-10:00 on weekdays, as well as a lane on the connecting stretch of the peripherqiue ring at Porte de la Chapelle. Red crosses will be displayed on recently installed gantries to inform drivers when the lane is open. Deputy mayor Christophe Najdovski (@C_Najdovski) tweeted that the A6a would be included too but that is yet to be confirmed (update: a lane on the A6a from Orly Airport to the peripherique will be reserved for buses and taxis from the end of May).


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