Easter Traffic – Dragoon Ride Home

France will doubtless have its moments but the bulk of the holiday traffic this Easter will be in Germany today (Thursday), Austria on Saturday, Spain over the weekend and Switzerland throughout.

Also, the Dragoon Ride Strykers arrive back in Germany safe and sound.



Germany today, Austria on Saturday, Spain over the weekend and Switzerland throughout.

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France: particularly busy from Friday afternoon with traffic heading towards the Alps, and more generally Friday and Saturday as drivers set off for the holidays. Quiet on Sunday then busy again on Monday as drivers return home. Overall however, there are no major traffic warnings in France throughout Easter though Fridays and Saturdays for the rest of the month will see raised traffic levels.

Germany: today will be the busiest day of the month as drivers head mainly south to the Alps. Tomorrow (Friday) and Monday will also be busy but less so. Quiet on Sunday and back to normal on Wednesday before picking up again ahead of another heavy – but not manic – weekend before settling down for the rest of April.

Road closures: the A45 at Dortmund while the A643 Schiersteiner Bridge Mainz-Wiesbaden re-opens on 10 April.

Switzerland: today and tomorrow will be as bad as it gets on Swiss roads as drivers head south. Worst of all will be the Gotthard Tunnel; delays have peaked at two hours so far this week. From Saturday onwards drivers start to head north again peaking on Monday after a quieter Sunday.

Next week is busy too, heading north early on before a quiet Thursday then picking up southbound on Friday with another blackspot on Saturday. Thereafter traffic starts to calm down again until the middle of May.

Austria: surprisingly considering it has been traffic central at every possible opportunity so far this year, it will be quiet on the roads today before picking up tomorrow inbound ahead of a very busy Saturday. Traffic then dies down until a slight rush on Monday as drivers head home. After that, the rest of the month is clear.

Spain: the holiday days vary depending on the region but last overall from today (Thursday) until Monday. The good news is that Wednesday evening was the busiest time (of the entire year). For the first half of the Easter break drivers head to the coast then start to come back from Sunday lunchtime. Saturday will be quietest, generally, except around coastal resorts.

Crossing the Channel: Dover will be ‘extremely busy’ from midday Thursday until late afternoon Friday according to MyFerryLink. Since freight traffic will be heavy too, car drivers are advised to use the M2/A2 to get to and from the port. Meanwhile, Eurotunnel is testing new Exit Checks ahead of their formal introduction next week.

Weekend weather: unsettled North, fine South, especially Iberia. Rain moving from west to east across northern Europe with rain and snow in the Alps, particularly in the East.


The 'Dragoon Ride' Sryker vehicles arrive back at the Rose Barracks, Vilseck, Bavaraia, yesterday after their high profile 1,100 mile road trip through eastern Europe. More later.

The US Army’s 2nd Cavalry Regiment ‘Dragoon Ride’ Strykers arrive back at the Rose Barracks, Vilseck, Bavaria, yesterday, after a high profile 1,100 mile road trip through Eastern Europe. The exercise was mostly well received. Only in the Czech Republic – with its notably softer stance on Russia than in neighbouring countries – was there any opposition. In the event threatened mass demonstrations failed to materialise. In fact, according to reports, hundreds if not thousands of locals turned out in the wind and rain to show their support as the three convoys converged in Prague over the weekend before making their way to the German border. The focus has now shifted to whether Czech president Milos Zeman really should be the only other EU leader beside those from Cyprus and Greece at the 9 May Victory Day parade in Moscow…


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