Perfect Storm in Calais – ‘World’s Most Scenic Drive’

The continued threat of further strike action and repeated attempts by migrants to breach security at Eurotunnel in France make for another miserable week on the Channel.

Also, is Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way really the ‘World’s Most Scenic Drive’? Luxembourg petrol prices rises as diesel falls. Tourist handed swingeing fine after unauthorised off-roading in Iceland. Drivers are warned about fake traffic police in the South of France. 



Eurotunnel security under scrutiny as strike negotiations continue.

A new poster at Eurotunnel France tries to make the risks clear to migrants.

A new poster at Eurotunnel France highights the risks migrants face, via La Voix du Nord.

There may have been no escalation in the Calais strike but repeated incursions by migrants at Eurotunnel – and the loss of around a quarter of the capacity on the Dover-Calais ferry crossing as strikers continue to occupy two of the former MyFerryLink ships – has meant another week of long delays.

Just as it seemed the situation was starting to get back to normal, a technical problem at Eurotunnel last night saw delays rapidly mount again.

Security at Eurotunnel’s French terminal has been under particular scrutiny, especially after a migrant attempting to board a moving train in the tunnel itself was killed early on Tuesday morning.

It was the second death at the terminal in recent weeks as migrants make daily attempts – usually overnight – to enter the terminal and board trains bound for Britain.

A letter sent to customers – seen by Lloyd’s Loading List – details the extra measures put in place by the Channel Tunnel operator to secure its 650 hectare site in France.

They include a ‘substantial increase’ in security staff and a new inner cordon of 4m high fencing topped with razor wire, currently under construction.

Meanwhile, negotiations with strikers continue with French minister of Transport Alain Vidalies.

Originally scheduled for Tuesday, the meeting eventually took place on Thursday. At the time of writing it seems there is another meeting scheduled for Monday, ahead of Tuesday’s Bastille Day bank holiday.

In the meantime, the strikers have so far made good on their promise not to mount any new blockades.



This week the Huffington Post asked if Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way is ‘the World’s Most Scenic Drive?’ The 1600 mile route from Malin Head in the north to Cork in the south, along the west coast, is marked with blue wavy signs the whole way with all hotels, restaurants, attractions and campsites pulled together on the website. Photo: the West Mayo Drive via @WildAtlanticWay.


roundup: LUXEMBOURG. After yesterday’s fall in the – nationally regulated – price of diesel, petrol prices have actually increased today reports Unleaded95 now sells for €1.301 per litre while unleaded98 is €1.373. In contrast to diesel, second cheapest in the EU – after Andorra with Estonia and Austria not far behind – petrol lags behind eight Member States, mainly in the east but also including Austria (€1.232) according to Fuel Prices Info. ICELAND. A tourist was fined €1500 after off-roading without permission on Tuesday reports Iceland Magazine. The incident left prominent track marks in sands which apparently ‘can take years to disappear’. East Iceland police posted photos of the damage on their website. Off-roading is strictly forbidden in Iceland though tour operators do say the regular, gravel roads in parts of the country mimic what would be considered ‘off-roading’ in many other countries in Europe. FRANCE. Divers are warned to beware of fake traffic police in the South of France, especially overnight. A gang dressed in uniforms has been pulling drivers over using flashing lights. If in doubt do not stop the car the Gendarmerie police chief told France Info radio earlier (via It is rare for real police to carry out such operations at night, and they would never search a suspect’s car by the road side he said. Police are hopeful of catching up with the gang soon.


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