Grossglockner Crash Pair Not Racing

British pair die in incident on Austria’s highest mountain pass.


Grossglockner. Fuscher Torl is centre left.

Grossglockner. Fuscher Torl is centre left. Photo

The two British men killed on Grossglockner early this morning were not racing say Austrian police.

The pair have now been named as Danny Hall, 22, and Josh Robinson, 25, both from Kent.

They were taking part in The Great Rally to Budapest which left Brussels on Saturday 18 July.

Initial reports said they died while taking part in an ‘illegal race’.

However, a statement issued by Salzburg police gives a different version of events.

It says a second driver, also on The Great Rally, lost sight of Hall and Robinson at the toll booth in Ferleiten.

When the pair failed to turn up at a meeting point he searched for them then ultimately phoned police himself before reporting to the station in Sankt Johann im Pongau.

According to the police information, Hall was driving as they headed south along Grossglockner at 07:30 this morning.

The accident happened at the Fuscher Torl pass, the almost sheer sided loop at 2450m (8038ft), 6km before Grossglockner’s highest point at Hochtor (2504m).

Fuscher Torl is marked by a square stone building, ironically a memorial to those who died while building the pass road in the 1930s.


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