Transfagarasan Speed Record

Ferrari driver claims speed record as study announced to keep Romania’s blue chip mountain road open for longer.



An Italian driver has claimed the Transfagarasan speed record.

Fabio Barone, president of the Ferrari Club Passione Rossa, drove the 12.85km stretch between Balea Lake and Balea waterfall, at the top of the pass, in 9m13.442s yesterday.

The road was closed for four hours during the attempt.

Barone’s stripped out Ferrari 458 Italia had custom designed carbon fibre bodywork and a sports exhaust, and other tweaks, to boost power from the standard 570bhp to 630bhp.

That there was a Transfagarasan speed record is news to us. It’s not clear what the previous record was, who set it, or what they were driving.

Meanwhile, the CNADNR roads authority has finally tendered a €680k study to look at ways of keeping Romania’s blue chip mountain road open for longer each year according to

Currently, Trasfagarasan is only reliably open between 1 July and 1 November.

First suggested in August 2014, the idea is to keep the northern stretch open all year round, and only close the entire road for three months during the winter.

The study is expected to take one year, and subsequent work at least another three years, though the road should be kept open as normal throughout.

Newly opened sections of the A1 motorway in western Romania, and a new border crossing with Hungary, mean of the 1300 miles between Calais and Transfagarasan, only just under ninety miles is now single lane road.

See more about driving Transfagarasan here.


A helicopter drops water on a burning car at Carataunas in the Sierra Nevada near Granada, southern Spain, to prevent the fire spreading to nearby forest. Photo via @Plan_INFOCA

A helicopter drops water on a burning car at Carataunas in the Sierra Nevada near Granada, southern Spain, today to prevent the fire spreading to nearby forest. Photo via @Plan_INFOCA


roundup: OPERATION STACK. Much relief but some misgivings greeted this afternoon’s news that Manston Airport near Ramsgate will be used as a truck park the next time disruption on the Channel leads to freight queues in Kent. Thanet Council leader Chris Wells said, ‘Using Manston as a lorry park is not something we have chosen, requested or welcome’. Port of Dover, ‘Cautions that a heavy goods vehicle holding area at the former Manston Airport site for Port of Dover bound traffic is neither proven to work nor a permanent solution in itself.’ However, haulier Virginia Logistics said, ‘Would make an enormous difference to driver welfare if they can park up and stay parked till they are sent for ferry.’ Folkestone and Hythe MP Damian Collins said, ‘We have to find a solution that takes lorries off-road and Manston does that. This is a massive step towards taking pressure off Kent.’ Kent County Council has published a Q&A on the plans. In brief, perishable, urgent or hazardous goods will be prioritised for Channel crossings while other loads will be kept in a – reduced – Operation Stack on the M20, or sent to Manston. Initially there will be room for 1000 trucks at the former airport. Damian Collins also says there are plans to maintain two-way traffic on the M20. Further announcements are expected today.


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