Paris Car-Free Days to Become Monthly

The Paris mayor wants Car-free Days once a month.

Also, new fine for dropping cigarette butts in the French capital as the government makes it easier to ban cars during pollution peaks. Two migrants killed in two days in Calais as train drivers say they have had enough.



More Car-Free days, fines for fag butts and easier car bans on pollution days.

Photo @DriveEurope

Photo @DriveEurope

Last Sunday’s Car-free Day in Paris will become a monthly affair if the mayor has her way.

The French capital was one of many European towns and cities to ban private motorised transport from at least some streets on one day last week to mark ‘Mobility Week’.

Speaking on twitter on Tuesday, Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo said, ‘We might consider more frequent car free delivery days. A monthly basis could be imagined.’

There is no indication yet when the monthly car bans could be introduced – or what regulatory hoops she would have to jump through to make it happen – but Hidalgo did also confirm that the Car-free Day will definitely be held next year, possibly in the whole of Paris.

This year’s event was concentrated in the very centre of the city plus the Bois de Boulogne and Bois de Vincennes park areas.

Traffic in the rest of the city was ‘strongly advised’ to keep to a 20kmh maximum speed.

Official figures published on Monday said pollution was cut by somewhere between 20% and 40% while traffic was down by a precise 42%.



It will be another month at least until the A75 in the south of France fully reopens according to local reports. A large section of the toll-free, government-operated autoroute between the Millau Bridge and Beziers, at Lodeve, washed away during sustained heavy rain last month. Two lanes on the northbound carriageway reopened within a couple of days but the southbound remains completely shut, albeit with a diversion.


roundupPARIS. As of today (1 October) dropping cigarette butts in Paris will be punished by a €68 fine. Officials say 350 tonnes of ‘megots’ are dropped in the city each year. POLLUTIONEcology minister Segolene Royal has reportedly ‘softened’ her stance on the so-called ‘alternating traffic’ during pollution peaks in Paris. Instead of waiting for the peak to occur, the measure – which bans around half of locally registered cars from the city depending on the odd or even number at the end of the registration plate – will be introduced ahead of forecasted peak days. The government had been accused to being too timid in introducing alternating traffic on previous occasions. MIGRANT CRISIS. A second migrant in two days has been found dead in Calais after attempting to reach the UK. An Eritrean man was found beside the Eurostar tracks early yesterday morning. Less than twenty four hours before, a 20 year old Iraqi man was crushed to death by pallets in the back of a UK-bound truck. Four migrants have now died in the past two weeks and thirteen since June according to reports. In a letter seen by AFP, Eurostar train drivers said today, ‘We do not want to, and above all cannot, continue to do our job in such conditions of stress, anxiety and stomach-clenching fear.’ Eurostar services were briefly suspended last night after it was feared another migrant had been killed though it later turned out to have been a wildboar on the tracks.


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