A Quieter Night on Calais Access Road

Police reinforcements meant a quieter night on the Calais port access road as Eurotunnel goes three weeks without migrant trouble.

Also, Ford GT photographed in the City of Light, at night. It’s official: UK now has the EU’s most expensive fuel. A8 Nice junction reopens after peage crash. The price of the Bulgarian road vignette rises for the first time since 2008.



Police reinforcements quell third successive overnight clash with migrants.


Photo: The European Union.

For the third day in succession, migrants from the nearby ‘Jungle’ camp blocked the N216 access road at Calais port overnight.

However, the disturbance was considerably less than on previous occasions thanks to police reinforcements. The road was fully open again in the early hours. Yesterday (Tuesday), N216 was shut until late morning.

Activists from the No Borders Network have been accused of stoking discontent as increased security makes it increasingly difficult for the migrants to reach the UK.

A spokesman for the French interior ministry told Journal du Dimanche, ‘These activists taking advantage of the confusion and distress of migrants, and push them to do anything, to riot, violence against the police and trying at all costs to stop trucks on the ring road in order to go to England.’

A blog post by No Borders campaign‘Calais Migrant Solidarity’ yesterday described ‘A night of collective punishment by police!’

In all twenty seven police have been injured in the clashes, sixteen of them on Monday. Trucks have also come under attack while local residents have had items stolen in order to build road blocks according to France 24.

This is all despite the number of migrants at the jungle reportedly falling from 6000 to 4500 in recent weeks as increasing numbers accept a relocation offer from the French government.

Meanwhile, Eurotunnel has gone almost three weeks without any migrant disturbances. The last incursion at the Channel Tunnel operator’s French terminal was on Thursday 22 October.

Also, the day after a Radio 4 File on 4 programme called ‘An Inside Job’, on Britons convicted of smuggling illegal immigrants into the UK, ‘French support floods in for Brit who tried to smuggle four year old girl out of Calais’ according to The Local France. Around 60,000 people have signed a petition in support of the father of four from Leeds who faces five years in jail.


Fantastic photos of upcoming Ford GT in Paris. More later.

Fantastic photos of upcoming, Le Mans-bound Ford GT in Paris. Not sure if CGI or real but see more.


roundup: FUEL. The UK has the most expensive petrol and diesel in the EU according to the RAC Foundation. Diesel has been at or around the most expensive for some time but this is believed to be the first time petrol has topped the charts at the same time too. The UK narrowly beats the Netherlands on unleaded95 – £1.08/l v £1.07 – but is considerably ahead of next placed Italy on diesel, £1.10/l v £0.96. France meanwhile is currently at £0.90 petrol and £0.78 diesel say the RAC figures meaning considerable cross-Channel savings. FRANCE. The on-ramp to the A8 at Saint Isidore near Nice, closed after an out of control car transporter ploughed into the toll booths late last month, has finally reopened reports Vinci Autoroutes. A motorbike rider was killed in the incident. The truck driver, from Romania, who apparently claims his brakes failed, an explanation doubted by some, appeared before a judge at the weekend and has been remanded back in to custody says Nice Matin. BULGARIA. The price of the motorway and national road vignette sticker increases from the start of next year for the first time since 2008. One week for a passenger car rises from 10BGN to 15BGN (£5.40) and one month to 30BGN (£8.40). The annual sticker sees a much bigger leap, from 67BGN to 97BGN (£35) reports Novinite.


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