First Double Migrant Attack, On Calais And Dunkirk

A worrying development at the Channel as, for the first time, migrants seemingly co-ordinate simultaneous attacks on Calais and Dunkirk, with some success.

Also, a new route for the 2016 Alpine Trial. Seems like Copenhagen is mulling a Congestion Zone, again. New paperless vignettes for Czech Republic, and Slovakia. The UK-Norway ferry project is definitely still on.



New tactics by migrants show immediate results.


Photo via The European Union

After several weeks of relative calm, for a second day in succession migrants blocked the Calais port access road this afternoon.

More worrying, for the first time ever there was simultaneous trouble on the A16 and N316 into Dunkirk port too.

Both roads were reopened couple within a few hours but in the meantime truck drivers and tourists were stranded as the migrants attempted to board vehicles and threw rocks at police who responded with tear gas.

On twitter following yesterday’s events, Calais mayor Natasha Bouchart repeated her call for the army to be deployed.

‘For me, it is now imperative and urgent that drastic security measures be taken in Calais,’ she said.

She also pointed the finger at the No Borders group which works in the Jungle camp and who she described as ‘agitators’.

Calais port road has been blocked on several occasions this month, most recently on Sunday 16 November shortly after police reinforcements were drafted in.

There has been migrant activity in and around Dunkirk port but the road has not previously been blocked.

If the migrants are co-ordinating simultaneous attacks in order to split police resources there may already be evidence the new tactics are working.

Kent Police said 22 migrants had been picked up off motorways in the county ‘so far’ this evening, a much larger number than has ever been previously reported.

Concerning for the officers involved is that scabies is now reported rife in the Jungle camp in Calais.


ERA's 2016 Alpine Trial is on but switches from its usual base in Annecy. More later.

After two years based solely in Annecy, the ERA’s revived Alpine Trial spends half the time next year in Divonne-les-Bains, a town in the Jura foothills, across the border from Geneva. Day one heads west, ‘across plateaux and deep limestone gorges’. Day two heads south to Annecy, across the Rhone, taking in the little known Col du Granier and Mont Revard before finishing on Semnoz, high above the lake. Day three is in and around Mont Blanc. Competitors stay at the Domaine de Divonne and Annecy’s Hotel l’Imperial Palace. See for more.


roundup: DENMARK. The Freight Transport Association’s Natalie Chapman met with Danish officials at the Danish Embassy in London yesterday to ‘share our experiences with the London Congestion Charge’ according to @NewsFromFTA. Copenhagen’s last attempt at a charge zone was cancelled in February 2012 after a public outcry, as reported by Copenhagen Post. CZECH REPUBLIC. A new system of electronic road tolls will be up and running within three years reports Radio Prague, to combat counterfeit vignette stickers. The price of at least the annual charge will stay the same, at 1500CZK (£39). Neighbouring Slovakia will reportedly make the move next year. Hungary is the only EU country to use so-called ‘paperless’ vignettes. See more on road tolls around the EU. NORWAY FERRY. There’s no specific news to report but a new statement on BritishScandinavian’s website today at least shows the UK-Norway ferry project is still on. ‘The British Scandinavian team remains fully committed to the launch of a new service, and as soon as we are in a position to announce anything of substance it will be done in partnership with UK, Norwegian and port authorities,’ it says. ‘We are in negotiations, some advanced, with potential partners and funders who will work with us to make this a reality. Nevertheless, we are working with these parties under strict non-disclosure agreements. Thank you for your ongoing support.’ The last ferry link between the UK and Scandinavia, the DFDS Harwich-Esbjerg route, was withdrawn in September 2014.


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