Taking Your Car To Tenerife

Getting your car to the Canary Islands. More later.

Bentley named its new uber-luxury SUV after the Roque Bentayga mountain in Gran Canaria. Porsche chose Tenerife as the launch venue of its new Gen 2 turbocharged 911. Meanwhile the 3718m volcano Teide is the highest mountain on Spanish territory (with a road up to 2356m). Clearly, the Canary Islands have a lot to offer drivers. It would be easier to fly-drive but much more exciting to catch the ferry which cruises around the northwest African coast. There are two ports in Spain, Cadiz and Huelva, and seven at the other end, one on each of the islands. Crossings take between 48-60 hours. Expect to pay €750 return, not bad value by Bay of Biscay/English Channel standards. See Direct Ferries or Aferry for more. Photo via @BritsVisitSpain


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