Winter Tyre Rules End In Italy and Austria

No worries about Winter Tyres from today. Also, where have all the border queues gone? And, migrants attack drivers at a rest area on the A26, continually attempt to block Calais port road, and almost make Dover in a dinghy.

Luxembourg A6 westbound closed Friday evening-Monday morning. Up to 15,000 motorbikes expected to demonstrate in central Paris on Sunday (and possibly other cities). Mont Blanc Tunnel closed overnight Monday 18 April 22:00-06:00. Brittany Ferries Portsmouth-Caen sailings disrupted until Sunday. We’re off to Antwerp for the weekend, then Brussels for a ‘Road Transport’ conference. Back on Wednesday.


The winter tyre requirement ends today, 15 April, in Italy and Austria. More later.

The winter tyre requirement (and/or obligation to carry snow chains) ends today in Italy and Austria and, in effect, everywhere else. Vehicles need ‘winter tyres’ (marked ‘M&S’) to drive in wintry conditions in Germany at any time but, with temperatures now rising above 7 degrees Celsius, drivers can be confident of getting away with it. See more on Winter Tyre Rules around Europe


roundup: BORDERS. Amid all the kerfuffle this week about pending checks at the Italy-Austria Brenner Pass, it’s easy to miss the fact that the border delays which have dogged journeys in Continental Europe since the Paris Attacks last November have all but disappeared. Even the notorious E17 Kortrijk-Lille crossing is – almost – free-flowing. Since Germany said, earlier this month, it would lift the controls at the Austrian border in May, queues have been noticeably less (though watch it first thing on a Saturday morning). Most welcome of all, the very long delays seen on the outbound Belgium-Netherlands borders in the wake of the Brussels Attacks have certainly now gone. In the absence of any official announcements that controls have been stood down, from France particularly, drivers should be mindful of potential delays (especially crossing back to the UK). But in general, for the time being, it’s pretty much all clear. MIGRANT CRISIS. A disturbing story about two drivers attacked by migrants at the Chocque service station on the A26 in northern France, 75km from Calais. According to La Voix du Nord (via The Local France), police think the pair were unwittingly involved in a turf war between migrant gangs looking to control motorway rest areas, commonly used to board vehicles bound for the UK. It comes as locals allege migrants continue attempts to block the A216/N216 access road to Calais port overnight. The ‘Agir ensemble pour sauver le port de Calais’ Facebook group (‘Act together to save the port of Calais’) says migrants have been seen on the ring road every night for the past three weeks. Finally, a pair of Iranian migrants got with 1.5 miles of Dover in an inflatable dinghy on Wednesday reports They were spotted by P&O’s Pride of Canterbury and picked up by the lifeguard. Several attempts have been made to cross the Channel in this way but this is the first time migrants are known to have got so close.


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