Zaha Hadid’s Fabulous New Ferry Terminal in Salerno

The first Zaha Hadid building unveiled since her untimely death last month is a striking ferry terminal in Italy.

Also, Alps snow not appearing to slow down pass openings. New plans for a direct fast road between Odessa and the EU.



First project unveiled since starchitect’s untimely death.

Zaha Hadid’s posthumous Stazione Marittima di Salerno. Photo Comune Salerno.

Zaha Hadid’s posthumous Stazione Marittima di Salerno. Photo Comune Salerno.

Salerno might not be the most attractive Italian place name but the destinations served from the ancient port, a few miles south of Naples, are some of the country’s most evocative: Capri, Amalfi, Positano and Messina.

As such it’s a fitting location for the first Zaha Hadid building to be unveiled since her untimely death last month.

Built mainly from concrete in the Anglo-Iraqi architect’s signature ‘organic futurist’ style, Salerno’s new ferry terminal has panoramic views of the city and mountainous coastline from continuous full height windows along the sides.

The concept is based around an oyster: a hard outer shell to protect passengers from the harsh Tyrrhenian sun and the ‘softer’ services inside like ticket sales, café, shops, baggage reclaim for cruise passengers and upper level boarding points.

Customers are ‘persuaded’ through the building via gentle slopes and staircases lit by classy recessed light bands.

As such, Stazione Marittima di Salerno is not just striking looking but thoughtfully functional too. It’s absolutely tragic she’s gone. Imagine what she could have done with Dover.

See more photos, the original designs at Zaha Hadid, a video or timetables and destinations at



Like everywhere else in the Alps this week, the Dolomites’ Passo Giau has received a smattering of snow. However, 2236m Giau is one of those rare ‘surprisingly high mountain roads which stay open all year‘. Meanwhile, 2250m Col d’Allos in the French Alps opened today, a month ahead of usual. It was also announced that Austria’s Grossglockner will open this Friday, 29 April. Photo @HotelPassoGiau, right at the top. Rooms from €110. See


roundup: UKRAINE. Plans have been published for a new four lane expressway to run direct from Odessa in the south west to the Romanian border. Including a 6km bridge across the Dniester Estuary, and 4.5km bridge over the Danube, initial estimates price the 260km project at around €4.4 billion according to the respected Odessa Blogger Nikolai Holmov. Up to 22,000 vehicles are forecast to pass each day, around a fifth of that seen on the A9 Nuremberg-Munich autobahn, for instance. The existing single lane road is in poor condition. Also there is no way to drive from this part of Ukraine to Romania without driving through Moldova, in part due to the Danube Delta wildlife reserve. The new road will open up the region to tourism but, most importantly, link the Port of Odessa to the EU (though onward roads from Galati are also in poor condition and are not priority upgrades). Work is expected to start on the first 80km stretch from Odessa at the end of May. See pictures.


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