Miuras on Tour

Lamborghini’s Miura tour picks out some fine hotels in northern Italy. Also, quick news roundup: more migrant trouble in Calais and Zeebrugge; UK army builds world’s longest pontoon bridge in Poland; Portugal’s most dangerous road named; Finland’s staggering cost of crashes; slow progress on Ukraine roads; new Jersey drive guide.



Lamborghini’s 50th Anniversary Miura Tour kicked off yesterday in Bologna with a line up along Piazza Minghetti. Drivers stayed last night in the Grand Hotel Majestic housed in an 18th century palace. Today the group heads to Parma and an overnight stop at the Park Hotel Pacchiosi in the old town after tours of the Lamorghini factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese, and the Dallara factory in Parma for a meeting with Miura chief designer Gian Paolo Dallara. Friday is off to the coastal resort of Viareggio and the Arc Nouveau Principe di Piemonte in the city centre, after a drive along the Cinque Terre. The final night is in Florence at the Westin Excelsior Hotel, a Renaissance palace overlooking the river a few steps from Ponte Vecchio. Follow along at #Miura50. Photo @Lamborghini


roundup: more clashes overnight on the A16 and N216/A216 port access road in Calais. Five migrants and one police officer injured reports La Voix du Nord… British Army engineers have built the longest ever amphibious bridge at 350 metres in Chelmno Poland says Army.MOD, on Exercise Anaconda, the largest NATO war game in eastern Europe since the end of the Cold War… An inspection by BAG Bundesamt fur Guterverkehr in Regensburg, Bavaria, last month found 32 percent of trucks had manipulated tachograph readings… Portugal‘s most dangerous road is the EN125 in the Algarve which runs along the entire southern coast from the Spanish border – 66 people have died on the road since 2010 according to The Portugal News. The government  has now committed to improvements… Every road death in 2014 cost taxpayers in Finland €2.77 million reports YLE News with each serious injury costing €790,000 and minor injuries €34,000… A police action in Zeebrugge, Belgium, netted 44 migrants attempting to board trucks destined for the UK says Deredactie. Numbers of ‘transit-migrants’ hit 1000 per month at the beginning of the year, fell to 335 in May but rose to 114 in the first week of June… the new Ukraine prime minister is not happy with the pace, quality and – particularly – value of roads’ renewal. ‘I want to say that for this we will punish very severely. Every hryvnia should be spent for certain purpose. It is about the road and its quality,’ said Volodymyr Groysman today according to a government statement. He now wants weekly reports on progress, plus plans for the week ahead… Jersey has issued new guidance for visiting drivers, particularly its apparently unique ‘filter in turn’ junctions, all-island 40mph speed limit and ‘give way’ Yellow Transverse Line…


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