Calais Closed Overnight ‘Migrants in the Water’

‘Migrants in the water’ puts focus back on security at Calais. 

Also, day one Lamborghini Italian Tour centres around Rimini. Also, injuries after DIY LPG-CNG adaptor explodes in Sweden. Trial speed limit reductions Madrid and Paris. Huge cut in Channel stowaway fine. Massive wait for coaches during Euro16 border controls. Drastic fall in Channel Island ferry passengers.



Port shuts after migrants attempt to board ferries from the water.

Calais port closed for 90 minutes shortly after 02:00 this morning after migrants were spotted swimming in the water according to reports. Details are still sketchy though P&O Ferries confirmed the incident to us. While services have resumed and operated normally since

Calais port closed overnight after migrants were spotted in the water.

P&O confirmed the incident to us but were unable to give any more details.

Local reports say the port was shut for 90 minutes shortly after 02:00 when migrants were seen swimming in the water, apparently attempting to board ferries.

At 03:15 P&O had tweeted, ‘Due to circumstances beyond our control, the 04:20 Dover to Calais is currently delayed by 45 mins. We’ll have you on your way ASAP.’

While services have resumed and operated normally since, the incident is bound to put the focus back onto security at the port.

No problems have been reported during the day for several months but truck drivers particularly continue to run the gauntlet of migrants overnight.

The authorities are currently in the process of building a new security fence to protect the port access road. It was expected to finished ‘mid-month’.

Today’s incident comes in the wake of increasing reports of migrants attempting to cross the Channel by boat.

In a separate incident this afternoon, campaigners barred from delivering an aid convoy to the Calais Jungle migrant camp briefly blockaded French border controls in Dover.



Lamborghini is on the move again following its 50th Anniversary Miura tour last week. The first day of its Italian Tour for modern vehicles today was a loop south from Rimini on the east coast, taking in San Marino, with lunch at the medieval fortress village Montegridolfo, above. Drivers stayed at Rimini’s Grand Hotel. Follow along at #LamboTour


roundup: a foreign driver attempting to refuel his LPG car from a CNG pump in Boras, southern Sweden, caused an explosion in which three people were injured. According to Radio Sweden ‘it seems a foreign car tried to fill gas using an improvised adaptor!’ LPG fills at 10 bar pressure compared to 200 bar for CNG Compressed Natural Gas. ‘That’s why I got the proper adaptors when I had my LPG car,’ says Sweden-regular @Taff34. LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas is not widely available, if at all, in Nordic countries… speed limits were cut from 50kmh to 30kmh (31mph to 19mph) in the Chamberi district, central Madrid, this week in a bid to cut pollution and improve safety says City Lab. If successful the new lower limit could be rolled out throughout the entire ‘almond’ central district. The Spanish capital has been struggling with pollution. In Paris too, 46km of autoroutes and national roads will have speed limits cut by 20kmh – either from 130kmh to 110kmh or 110kmh to 90kmh – from the beginning of July, to improve road safety and traffic flow and cut pollution and noise says the IdF Ile de France prefecture. The affected roads are the A12 in the west; A115 in the north, A104 in the east (to 80kmh for 3.5t+) and N6 in the south – see a map. The limits will be reviewed in a year’s time… @KeepMeOnTheRoad lawyer Anton Balkitis cut a stowaway fine for a foreign client from £10,500 to £558 in court this week – phone 0115 910 0600 if he can help you… 100 percent border controls for Euro16 saw coaches waiting up to 2h30 on Friday, in Calais and Dover says P&O Ferries… the number of ferry passengers to and from Guernsey has fallen by 22 percent, and by 20 percent for Jersey, a result of all the disruption with Condor Ferries’ troubled new Liberation says new CEO Paul Luxon. The BBC has a long, sorry list of all the problems.


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