Free Porsche Parking in Digital Transformation

Porsche races to catch up with the new world of digital driving services.

Also, A43 Lyon-Chambery closes overnight after tanker crash. Already fines for France minimum wage. Official driving guides published for Germany and Poland in English.



Car maker ‘working feverishly’ on internet driving services.

Free parking for Porsches in an interesting venture for the firm's new digital subsidiary. More later.

Porsche’s new digital division has already started rolling out what it describes as ‘value-added services’, just a month after its founding.

The subsidiary has invested a seven figure sum in Cologne-based start-up evopark which provides one stop shop parking services in Germany with the ambition to expand across Europe.

’We are working feverishly on including attractive value-added services so parking becomes a positive experience for our customers. The cooperation with evopark is our first systematic step in this direction,’ says Peter Jost, Director Sales Coordination & Strategy at Porsche.

In a three month pilot project, Porsche (and Audi) drivers get free parking for the first hour at Evopark’s 37 off-street parking partners spread across 16 German cities.

The evopark card replaces paper tickets and works automatically at car park barriers.

Charges are paid in a single payment each month while the associated app shows available space and directs the driver automatically.

Ultimately evpopark aims to become ‘an open platform for off-street parking in Germany and Europe.’

Car makers are rushing to exploit the internet connections in modern vehicles.

Porsche’s sister firm Audi already offers traffic light co-ordination in some markets to speed up city journeys by patching into municipal traffic computers.

Last week it announced three years of free Europe-wide data with the embedded SIM card in its new Q2 cross-over.

Porsche’s digital division may be quick off the mark but it has some catching up to do – but who would bet against it ultimately leading the field?

It sounds like there won’t be a long wait to find out.



A tanker driver was killed and a car driver seriously injured this afternoon in an accident on the A43 towards Lyon. Local reports say a broken down truck near La Tour du Pin was hit by a jack-knifing tanker which also collided with the car. The three vehicles then caught fire. The road has been closed in both directions betwen J9-10 and is only expected to reopen at 06:00 tomorrow morning according to the local prefecture. Photo @Gendarmerie


roundup: despite assurances police would be lenient in the early days of the new minimum wage rule for professional driver in France, reports have come in of drivers already threatened with fines. According to penalty specialist TIN Transport In Nood (‘Transport in Distress’), a Dutch driver was threatened with a €1500 fine in Lyon on the first day (1 July) – despite being on the way home from Spain, where he went before the law was introduced – and a Portuguese driver in Paris was presented with a €4000 fine. Both were apparently withdrawn after intervention from TIN. See more about the French minimum wage… by coincidence, the respective road safety agencies in Germany and Poland have published comprehensive driving guides in English today. The German version comes as an app, or downloadable pdfs while the Polish one is pdf only.


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