New A3 Opens Up Mezzogiorno and Sicily

Drivers heading to southern Italy can look forward to a completely renovated, now at-least-dual-carriageway A3, Naples to Reggio Calabria. 

Also, Mercedes reveals world’s first heavy duty electric truck. Another migrant killed on Calais port road. ‘Inadequate’ road signs in Geneva. Beware weekends in Ireland. Germany kick starts completion of A94 Munich-Austria.


Now at least dual carriageway and fresh tarmac from Naples to the toe of Italy.

Photo @StradeANAS

Photo @StradeANAS

This summer, for the first time, not only is A3 Salerno – Reggio Calabria without diversions or construction sites but the entire 443km (275 mile) length is at least two lanes in each direction.

A major accident last year, and poor quality construction and repairs in places, had seen trucks on a long coastal detour, and dogged journeys for everyone else.

It was also single lane in several places.

But a complete upgrade, opened yesterday by Prime Minister Mateo Renzi, opens up ‘largely tourist free’ southern Italy, known as ‘Mezzogiorno’ (and Sicily too of course).

More reliable travel might give the region the tourist boost it so desperately needs (and deserves).

Renzi, who has presided over a packed programme of major road openings told ANSA news agency, ‘Italy is greater than those who want to stop it and the Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway is a symbol of the fact that, if we work in the same direction, the results speak for themselves.

The time when people laughed at Italy is over.’

Just the 600m Laria Tunnel at Laino Borgo remains to be completed, expected by the end of the year, but this should not interfere with summer traffic.


e truck

Operators will have to wait until the IAA show in Hannover in September to see Mercedes’ new Urban eTruck in all its glory. What we know so far from its reveal in Stuttgart this morning is it has a range of 200km and will be available to buy at the beginning of the next decade. Mercedes says it is the first full electric truck for heavy distribution operations at a total weight of 26 tonnes (including a 12.8t payload). ‘Electric drive systems previously only saw extremely limited use in trucks. Nowadays costs, performance and charging times develop further so rapidly that now there is a trend reversal in the distribution sector: the time is ripe for the electric truck,’ says Dr Wolfgang Bernhard, responsible for Daimler Trucks & Buses at the Board of Management. eTruck is based on a heavy-duty, three-axle short-radius Mercedes-Benz distribution truck with a new electrically driven rear axle with electric motors at the wheel hubs. A two-axle version will also be available with other variants likely. Power is supplied by three lithium-ion battery modules housed in a crash-proof location inside the frame. On potential road safety issues due to silent running in busy cities, the firm told journalists it will reveal more at IAA, but the vehicle is likely to include a pedestrian and cyclist radar detection system. Read more. Photo Mercedes-Benz Trucks.


roundup: another migrant was killed overnight on the Calais port road, the seventh so far this year reports La Voix du Nord. The 28 year old from Sudan was hit by an unidentified vehicle. Migrant reportedly lay blocks almost nightly on the port road in their attempts to stop trucks and stowaway to the UK… road signs in Geneva are inadequate say driving instructors according to WRS Radio Geneva. Drivers are not warned about one way streets and the end of 30 zones are not signed, for instance, among twenty complaints in total. Geneva can be intimidating to drive around, with separate lanes for buses, trams, cyclists and cars. Watch out… almost half of road deaths in Ireland occur at the weekends say new figures reported by RTE News. There is also a 20 percent increase between midnight and 06:00. Despite being among the EU’s most improved on road safety last year, fatalities have increased by 8 percent so far this year… transport minister Alexander Dobrindt snipped the tape yesterday on the next section of A94, the autobahn east-west between Munich and the Austrian border at Pocking. The controversial autobahn, subject of on-going disputes over the route, is in operation for only 84km of the proposed total 150km. However, along with a new stretch started in February to complete the road west of Burghausen, 40km is currently under construction. Another 13km stretch in the east is currently in plan. The overloaded B12 currently takes most of the strain…


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