Major Roads Reopen After Marseille Wildfire

Drivers trapped overnight as wildfire rages in the South of France.

Also, summer snow thaws on Austria’s Grossglockner. Catching up with border delays around Europe. France’s D1212 Gorge de l’Arly finally reopens.



Major roads reopening as situation stabilises.

The A7 north of Marseille threatened by wildfire yesterday. Photo @SDIS13

The A7 north of Marseille threatened by wildfire yesterday. Photo @SDIS13

As wildfire ripped across south central France from yesterday afternoon, drivers stuck on the A7 north of Marseille were given emergency accommodation.

For a time, it looked like drivers on the A8 near Aix-en-Provence would suffer the same fate but the road was steadily reopened in the evening.

With admirable understatement, holidaymaker Liam Hesketh tweeted, ‘Was not expecting to see this out of a car window today,’ alongside a photo of the roadside in flames.

The A7 remains closed north of Marseille – between Vitrolles and Les Pennes Mirabeau, as does the A55 in both direction at Les Pennes Mirabeau.

‘The fire seems less intense than before but is not yet under control,’ said the Marseille mayor overnight according to France 24.

Fires had been affecting the entire Bouches de Rhone region of south central France, between Marseille, Arles and Aix-en-Provence.

The worst affected part is the west according to a map tweeted by @Visactu.

To be updated throughout the day.

Resources: see @VINCIAutoroutes and also the local fire department @SDIS13 and police @PoliceNat13.

Update 14:30BST: the A7 has now opened northbound, and the A55 in both directions.


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All looked much improved on Austria’s Grossglockner mountain road first thing this morning (pictured) after yesterday’s snow – when summer tyres were not allowed, snow chains were mandatory and two-wheelers were banned. Since then however, the cloud has descended and extinguished all views. On the other hand, the road is fully open without restrictions according to the latest update from To be updated.


roundup: a 45 minute queue on the E40/A16 Belgian border towards Dunkirk yesterday morning sparked fears of a repeat of Monday’s three hour delays. Luckily it was only a brief stoppage. The A16 border has been ‘closed’ for some months with drivers having to filter on and off under the watchful eyes of border guards, but checks have apparently been stepped up after Sunday’s terrorist incident in Brussels. It has otherwise been more or less quiet ever since, as has the cross-border E17 towards Lille, for the first time since the Paris Attacks last November. There have also been consistent but small delays both ways on the AP-1/A63 Atlantic and AP-7/A9 Mediterranean borders between France and Spain, and on the A10-A8 crossing at Ventimiglia towards France. The three motorway crossings between Austria and Germany have also seen a return to queues in the past week after a long period of quiet, each with delays of up to 60mins at various times. As has the M1-A4 border between Budapest and Vienna, especially last weekend but less so this week… after two separate landslides since April – one rocks, the other mud – the handy D1212 in the French Alps between Albertville and Megeve/Mont Blanc has finally reopened. @TrafficBasher drove it today. The reopening had been expected some weeks ago but official traffic site continues to show it closed…


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