Holiday Traffic Goes On and On

Jam-dodgers and terrorism combine to spread holiday road trip misery in France and Germany.

Also, another wrong-way crash at the Nurburgring. Sweden minister resigns over 0.2 blood alcohol level. Too slow Pokémon Go fine Luxembourg.



Much, much busier than expected in France and Germany lately.

Busy but not exceptional return traffic had been forecast for France this weekend, but now looks optimistic.

Busy but not exceptional return traffic had been forecast for France this weekend, but now looks optimistic. Picture Bison Fute.

An ‘unusually large volume’ of German drivers caused heavy queues in northern Austria and Italy over the weekend as, like last year, the holiday season stretches on for much longer than expected.

According to ADAC’s ‘jam calendar’ the last very busy weekend of the summer should have been 5-6 August.

A spokesman told, ‘That the German vacation traffic clogs up so heavily in upper Italy … that’s not what I have observed for a long time.’

In his estimation, ‘Many of those who are now driving to Italy would have flown previously to Turkey.’

On Friday alone there were 3200 jams in Germany, concentrated in Nord-Rhein Westphalia in the west and Bavaria in the south east according to

Cumulative tailbacks stretched 7500km, close to the recent record of 8000km seen on the Pfingsten holiday last year.

Meanwhile, after a couple of false starts, holiday traffic in France has also gone on much longer than expected.

The two official ‘Black Saturdays’ were much less busy than anticipated.

At peak 670km on Saturday 30 July, total queues were hugely less than the record 994km from 2014, and well down on last year’s 880km.

But the Saturday just gone – merely a ‘red’ day according to traffic monitor Bison Fute – turned out to be the busiest day of the year at 855km.

This does not bode well for the weekend coming. The incontrovertible law of traffic is that which goes away must return home again.

Bison Fute has been expecting a red day on Saturday – for return traffic towards Paris from the coastal resorts – but it now looks to be much busier than that.

See what should have happened.


nurbie 2

Nurburgring ‘tourist drivers’ wait to go out onto the circuit this morning. The drivers had a good day, by all accounts, however a 36 year old British man was airlifted to hospital after a wrong-way accident outside the track. He wasn’t even driving but attempting to take the ‘iconic’ photo of his car beside the Nurburgring sign along the four-lane B258 reports Apparently he looked in the wrong direction as he crossed the road and was hit by a motorbike. It follows another Nurburgring wrong-way crash involving a British driver in May, though he was driving. He was also airlifted to hospital. Photo @Nuerburgring


roundup: SWEDEN. A minister has resigned after being caught with a BAC Blood Alcohol Level of 0.2 (i.e. right on the legal limit). Aida Hadzialic, 29 (she was the youngest ever minister when appointed age 27), with responsibility for Upper Secondary School and Adult Education and Training – and, incidentally, also a Muslim – was caught on the Oresund Bridge on Thursday says Radio Sweden. She said she had drunk two glasses of wine before a concert in Copenhagen around four hours earlier. LUXEMBOURG. A driver was fined an unspecified amount for driving too slowly while playing Pokemon Go. The man was caught at 8km in the early hours of Sunday morning reports


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