Wild Fire Illuminates Marseille’s Col de la Gineste

More wild fires around Marseille illuminate the interesting D559.

Also, the ‘Great Wall of Calais’ to be built at the port. Second all-electric Mercedes commercial vehicle concept launched. World’s largest fast-charging site opens in Norway. There will be an international border across Ireland post-Brexit. Swingeing fine for Swedish drink drive minister.



At just 327m (1072ft), Col de la Gineste is hardly the highest road in southern France. But it is on the D559 scenic route east from Marseille, 20km of twists and turns across the Calanques National Park to the port of Cassis (and after that to near Cannes, following the coast from La Ciotat). Unfortunately, a second spate of wild fire in the Marseille region has seen Gineste shut for the second day running according to the local prefeture. The fire was brought under control overnight but there is still a high risk of it reigniting. Update: after a quiet day Gineste was reopened at 20:00 this evening. While still extensive, the damage was not as bad as feared – 300 hectares as opposed to the earlier estimate of 390 hectares according to Go-Met.com. Photo Portail-PACA.net



With a range from 80km to 270km depending on the application, Mercedes-Benz new adVANce ‘Vision Van’ is the second all-electric concept vehicle launched by the firm in the past month. As well as the full suite of connected technology you might expect, Vision Van also includes an automated cargo loading system to put packages in their optimum position for deliveries and cut down time at both ends. Meanwhile, drones are integrated into the roof to make Vision Van a mobile drone hub. The system is developed in partnership by Silicon Valley autonomous drone logistics start-up Matternet in which Mercedes has a stake.


roundup: the UK is to build a 1km long, 4 metre (13ft) high wall both sides of the N216/A216 ‘Rocade’ approach road into Calais port to replace the current security fencing which has failed to deter migrants (though the BBC says it will not replace existing fencing). Building starts soon and should finish by the end of the year at a cost of £2 million… the world’s largest fast-charging site has opened in Nebbenes, 40 miles from Norway capital Oslo. The DC fast-charging site has space for 28 vehicles says Green Car Reports… eye-opening from the European Commission’s Colette Fitzgerald today: ‘The ‘Common Travel Area’ between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland WILL become an International border post Brexit,’ she told NI Assembly members reports Seamus Leheny from NI FTA – a statement which contradicts many politicians & NI secretaries he says. On Monday The Spectator said the UK would leave the Customs Union when it left the EU too… the Swedish government minister who was caught drink driving with a BAC level of 0.2 (compared to UK legal limit 0.8) will pay a 40,800SEK (£3500) fine reports Radio Sweden..


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