The new £10,000 sunroof on the latest Ferrari FF makes total sense. But there’s a catch

The star on Ferrari’s stand at the Paris Motor Show was the bare carbon fibre chassis of its upcoming ‘New Enzo’, a limited edition £800,000, 850bhp, 1100kg megacar to take on McLaren’s new P1 (also at the show and which will also cost £800,000, develop 800bhp and weigh ‘less than 1300kg’).

Back in the real world, tucked around the corner, was the 2013 model year FF, the vastly underrated Ferrari ‘estate’ with an important new feature: a full length panoramic sunroof.

The new roof is a hefty £10,000 option, but in the context of a £227,100 list price it’s peanuts, and it turns an already practical car into a complete all-rounder.

To its four seats, four wheel drive, seven years’ free servicing and an enormous boot (at 450 litres it‘s only just less than an Audi A4, while fold down seats and a hatchback mean you can take the dog) the new roof adds the only missing element, a fabulous view. What else do you need a transcontinental touring car to do? revisited the FF last week in a 2,300 mile drive and described it as ‘epic and effortless’.

The only problem is that the next skiing season will be over before you can get your hands on one. It’s available to order now but deliveries won’t start until Q2 next year. If you’re desperate, have a chat with the nice people at H.R. Owen tomorrow night. They will have one in their showroom at 125 Old Brompton Road, South Ken between 6-8pm. Maybe they can do you a rush job.

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