McLaren P1 left hand drive full story exclusive

McLaren’s imminent P1 might well be the ‘best driver’s car ever’ – but only if you drive on the right.

The British sports car manufacturer has confirmed its megacar will be left hand drive only.

A McLaren spokesman told today, ‘It is common for models in this sector to be only offered left-hand drive. A business analysis was carried out, and the costs involved with producing the P1 in both configurations would have been prohibitive to the project, and it was decided that these costs would be better channelled into research and development. I am not aware of any resistance from customers who have viewed the car so far.’

The 800bhp, £800,000 sub 1300kg monster will be revealed next March at the Geneva Motor Show.

The P1 is the spiritual successor to the company’s first road car, the 240mph McLaren F1. That car was famously a three-seater with the driver in the middle, i.e. the rule of the road was irrelevant.

Eighty percent of the world’s land area drives on the right, but 30% of the world’s population drives on the left, including the UK, Australia, India and Malaysia.

The latest spy pictures of the P1 on test were published on the Autocar website earlier today.

4 thoughts on “McLaren P1 left hand drive full story exclusive

  1. i don’t know whether to be upset about this or not. most of these cars are LHD – Ferrari F40, etc – but you would have thought McLaren would have designed RHD in like they did with the F1. Mmmmn.

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