Weekend news roundup: filthy weather; in-car camera bargains; Xmas offers +++

178aFilthy weather is expected across Europe for the start of December says the BBC. Plenty more snow is expected in the Alps. Torrential rain in Italy & Balkans. Even Istanbul is max 17° C all week. At the time of writing it’s -23° C in Murmansk.

Russian motorists are cottoning on to the advantages of in-car cameras in the fight against corruption says Al Jazeera. Did you know you can buy an in-car camera for £100? We’ve been checking them out at Ideas4ADIs.

Discount ferry site www.directferries.co.uk is advertising crossings with Dover-Calais operator www.myferrylink.com at £38 each way over the Christmas period (and up until the end of January). Book before 12 December.

Phase two (of nine) to reduce congestion at Dover Eastern Docks gets underway shortly. A holding area for trucks will be built between the entrance roundabout at the check-in lanes. Complete works to finish by the end of 2014. Plans for a second ferry terminal at Dover are also advancing. Still no word yet on the People’s Port proposal, to take the ancient port operator into community trust ownership.

A lorry fire onboard a Eurotunnel carriage caused delays on Thursday but was resolved without injury. Services were back to normal within two hours.

Finally, the European Commission’s Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) has a new website where you can keep an eye on progress and upcoming projects with fancy dynamic maps. Roads come under Core, to be completed by 2030, and Comprehensive, finished by 2050. It also includes plans for neighbouring countries, notably Switzerland and Norway.

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