What we really, really want this winter: Range Rover Evoque. About to dip under £30k.

evoque snow2Dismissed by some as a faddy fashion item, fifteen months after launch the Range Rover Evoque is still going incredibly strong. Demand is three times higher than anticipated. There’s a six month waiting list for some models. The factory is working around the clock (for the first time) to make nearly 10,000 a month. The vast majority are exported.

This amazing car isn’t just keeping Jaguar Land Rover afloat, it could be keeping the entire country’s head above water too.

The base model – 2.2 litre diesel, front wheel drive – retails at £29,195, but you still can’t get your hands on even a second hand one for less than £30,000. The cheapest Evoque on the company’s pre-owned website is £30,829 (rising to £48,950).

The compact, classy 4×4 is a genuine do anything, go anywhere car – from Casino Square to a narrow mountain pass. It will be the car to be seen in on the slopes this winter. And it’s British. Sod BMW’s X1 K2 Powder Ride.

The icing on the cake is literally the full length panoramic sunroof. Here we see (or rather can’t see) the only cloud on the horizon. Of the 186 used cars for sale, only one has – for touring drivers – this essential option.

The ‘roof components are made in factories previously devastated by the Asian tsunami. While it’s sorted now, they haven’t filtered down to the used car market yet.

Don’t worry there’s always next year. For those concerned the passion for the Evoque will pass we say, no way. The Evoque’s appeal is firmly rooted in the breadth of its abilities. The badge makes it irresistible.

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