Mandy’s Maserati; Danube 2 toll; Uzbek bike bashing; new ‘ultra quattro’

Last updated 21:30 


* Amber (severe) weather warning Spain – Mediterranean coast around Alicante, etc ‘coastal event’ high waves and rain and for Norway – Avalanche – south west coast.

* P&O – delays now down to 20 mins on D-C 22:05, C-D 23:35 and 00:30. ‘Due to earlier thick fog around Dover some of our services are running with delays of up to 60 minutes. Customers are advised to check in as normal.’ Persistent delays today.

* Condor Ferries – ‘Roadworks are taking place tonight on Blanford Road, Poole which may delay guests disembarking on the 21:15 arrival this evening.’


Weather: band of sunshine across central Europe, Spain and Portugal. Rain and cloud on the fringes.

* latest Dover weather 16:00: ‘The ferry terminal is operating normally, sea conditions are slight, with a SW light breeze, force 2 and the visibility is good.’


Mandy’s Maserati

Maserati Quattroporte

Maserati Quattroporte

EU – Interesting article from Public Service Europe about the European Commission’s 29 strong luxury car fleet. Each of the 27 Commissioners gets a €2,000 per month car allowance to spend as they like though Peter Mandelson, a Commissioner between 2004-08, had his request for a Maserati Quattroporte turned down. The fleet currently comprises twelve Mercedes S-Class limousines, ten Audi A8s and three BMW 7-series. None of the Commissioners run a hybrid or EV.


Portugal – national holiday – 25th April, when Portugal celebrates the 1974 revolution. Expect most shops and offices to be closed, but not all.


Bulgaria/Romania – the toll for the new Daube 2 bridge at Calafat-Vidin on the border will be €2 each way for cars; €12 for trucks 3.5-7.5t and €18 for trucks under 12t according to The dispute over spliting the toll revenues between the two countries also looks to be resolved. The charges are similar to tolls on the alternative Ruse-Giurgiu bridge further east. Click for our story on Danube 2.


Uzbekstan – The authorities in capital Tashkent have unofficially taken to confiscating bikes in an apparent effort to reduce car accidents. One man says he feels like cycling has been made illegal.


tt ultra quattro

Austria – Audi will unveil a new lightweight TT concept car at the cult Woerthersee Show next month. The ‘TT ultra quattro concept’ makes liberal use of carbon fibre and exotic metals to get the weight down to just 1,111kg. Allied to 310bhp 2 litre TFSI engine means a likely conservative 0-62 in 4.2 secs. The cult custom show, which VW Group takes very seriously, runs from 8-11 May at Reifnitz, near Klagenfurt, south central Austria. Is this new ‘ultra quattro’ the first inkling of a new pinnacle in the Audi model hierarchy, sitting above even the RS models?


A nice piece on the whistling traffic police in Bucharest.


For the latest traffic, travel and weather where you are click here.

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