Eggy lights back on 911; DFDS D-C cancellations 10-14 May; Love at second sight; Corridors 10+5c

Daily newslog. Last updated 18:30


DFDS Dover-Calais has cancelled a lot of services between 10-14 May while Condor Rapide will be operating on reduced power for the remainder of the day. 

Also, on-going concern about flooding in eastern France and the bad weather has now spread to Austria and Hungary.

In other news: Porsche lays ground for the new 911 Targa while London-Lisboa is on its penultimate day, a Brit has been arrested for arms smuggling in Greece and new contracts are signed for Austria-Greece Corridor 10 and Budapest-Adriatic Corridor 5c. Before all that, another look at the new 911 Turbo. Have eggy headlights made a return to Porsche’s most enduring model? Yuck!


Double yolks replace fried eggs on 911 Turbo

More 911 Turbo. It's PDK double clutch gearbox only. And you only get the fancy lights with

More 911 Turbo. It’s PDK double clutch gearbox only. It’s much bigger than before. The new ‘double yolk’ headlights are very fancy but you only get them with the no-doubt-fantastically-expensive Sport Chrono package because it also includes ceramic brakes. You may as well get the £140,000 Turbo S model, pictured, as all that comes as standard.



Condor Ferries: Condor Rapide will be operating on reduced power for the remainder of the day. Short delays already announced, see here for latest.

DFDS Dover-Calais has announced cancellations from 10-14 May for ‘essential maintenance’. Click here for more.

No other Channel operators currently reporting any problems.

Amber – severe – weather warning for flooding eastern France – Yonne, Cote d’Or and Haute Marne. French authorities issued flood alerts last night.

Severe thunderstorms now in Austria, creeping into west Hungary.

Europe Weather: rain, pretty much everywhere.

English Channel weekend weather from Condor Ferries: ‘The current forecast indicates slight sea conditions over the bank holiday weekend.’

Eurotunnel – currently 30 mins delay from the UK terminal ‘due to an earlier cancellation’.

Stena Line’s Harwich-Hook delayed this morning by ‘high volume of truck trailers’.



DFDS Dover-Calais – cancellations from 10-14 May for ‘essential maintenance’. Click here for more.

Dieppe – ‘We inform all passengers that due to à Fleamarket, the town center of Dieppe will not be autorise for all vehicle the 04 and 05 May 2013’.

Jersey – Jersey Boat show is taking place between the 4th and 6th May. Please allow extra time when travelling to Jersey port.




Portugal – It’s the penultimate day of the London-Lisboa rally, from Vila Real to Caramulo in Portugal where the cars compete on the classic Caramulo Hill Climb course. Tomorrow sees the final 175 mile leg to Lisbon.


Greece – a British man has been arrested and charged with arms smuggling in north east Greece. The unnamed 48 year old was apprehended at Alexandroupoli, within a few miles of the Turkish border, on Friday. Police found gun scopes, satellite phones, night vision goggles, gas masks, etc, in the back of his van.


Love at second sight


Nice quote from Porsche’s 911-50 anniversary bumpf: ‘At the Porsche Marketing Department, Stuttgart, in the 60’s and 70’s it was often remarked that the customer’s reaction to a 911 was ‘Love at second sight’. There was no Porsche, they said, that pleased the eye immediately. To this day we pride ourselves on these more considered second glances.’ Porsche also waxes lyrical about its original Targa idea, seeing it as, ‘An interesting metaphor for the function led design process..’ We’re being warmed up for the imminent arrival of the new 911 Targa which reverts to this format – stainless steel roll bar and removable roof panel. But we’re still not sure where the roof is stored, or whether the rear window comes out, as above. It matters.


Turkey – there’s been a minor collision between two ferries off Istanbul in dense fog this morning. Three passengers taken to hospital with slight injuries. Still, it’s not what we want to hear as we head out that way next week.. Thick fog!


More contracts signed on Corridor 10

On-going construction with Corridor 10, aka A1, in Serbia. Those Subaru Impreza drivers cannot wait for anything.

On-going construction with Corridor 10 in Serbia. Those Subaru Impreza drivers cannot wait for anything.

Serbia – a Serb/ Republika Srpska construction partnership has out bid companies from Austria, Turkey, Greece, Italy and the Czech Republic to build a section of Corridor 10 in Serbia. Republika Srpska is the Serb-dominated separate entity within Bosnia and Herzegovina. Locally, Corridor 10 stretches from the Hungarian border in the north via Belgrade and Nis to the Macedonian border and Skopje. Just some sections south of Nis are left to build. This latest contract is 6.75km from Caricina Valley to the Manajle Tunnel near Vladicin Han and will take 250 workers two years to complete. Eventually, Corridor 10 will link Austria and Greece.


Bosnia – Progress might be torturously slow on the construction of Corridor 5c in Bosnia and Herzegovina but credit where credit is due: they haven’t given up. The state-owned construction company JP Autoceste FBiH has now employed World Bank subsidiary International Finance Corporation to unlock funding for another 38.6km in three sections, some €300m. This comes after contracts were signed before Christmas to start construction on the particularly sparse section south from Sarajevo to the coast. With the EU Transport commissioner in the region last week, and a recent agreement between Hungary and Croatia to co-operate on 5c – ultimately it will stretch from Budapest to the Adriatic – hopes are high that there is now some real momentum behind the project. The news comes as Bosnia breached 60,000 new vehicle registrations in a year for the first time in 2012.


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