Daily Brief 21 June 2013

Latest update 19:40


News: 4,200 speed cameras for France – Dashcams illegal in Luxembourg – hands-free text ‘dangerous’ – Russia $13.6bn infrastructure plan/hooligan priests – 36mpg 911 – Albania MPs in most traffic violations


Day 7 Rolls-Royce Alpine Rally: Day of Reckoning on the Stelvio Pass

Day 7 Rolls-Royce Alpine Rally: “Day of Reckoning” on the Stelvio Pass

Follow the Alpine Rally here. For a map of Stelvio click here.



Meteoalarm weather alerts – Red warning high temps Croatia and Montenegro. Amber for high temps (and storms) surrounding countries up to the Baltic. Amber warning heavy rain south Norway and east Spain.

France & Germany flood/storm alerts from earlier in the week now downgraded.

Weather in brief – hot and sunny Italy, Greece & Turkey otherwise cloudy, rain and possibly thunder pretty much everywhere else.

Crossing the Channel – Condor Ferries says: ‘Due to adverse weather Saturday’s 13:15 departure from Poole will now depart at 12:00.’ Click for more.

Brittany Ferries: ‘21/06 Portsmouth to Cherbourg – We’re sorry to advise that this afternoon’s sailing is delayed by 30 minutes, due to the ship running at a reduced speed this morning. Latest check- in time will be 15:30hrs.’

No other operators currently reporting any delays.

From @Port_of_Dover this afternoon, ‘Here in Dover sea conditions in the Channel are moderate with a South Westerly breeze, force 6, and the visibility is moderate.’

Latest @CF_travel_news forecast: ‘The current forecast indicates rough sea conditions over the weekend. Services may be subject to weather delay.’



Luxembourg – the north-south 7 Cote d’Eich road has been closed after being washed away following heavy rain this week. Diversions are in place and repairs effected but as it’s the major road out of the city centre in the north congestion will be heavy.

Eurotunnel – “Resurfacing works will be taking place in the boarding lanes of the UK Terminal from 17 – 28 June. During this period, there will be no catering or toilet facilities available in this area. Please visit the Victor Hugo Terminal building after you have checked in to make full use of the facilities available there.”

Plymouth Port – Brittany Ferries tweeted yesterday: ‘There are road works at the exit from Plymouth port, we have arrangements in place with the City Council to minimise possible delays..’

Bulgaria – on-going – peaceful – demonstrations in cities, for the last week. They are set to continue with one report saying the country, after an absolutely torrid year, could be ‘on the edge of revolution’.




France – the government has announced it is to up the speed camera count to 4,200 by the end of the year according to thelocal.fr. More details to follow.


Albania – a report by BalkanInsight says the country’s politicians are some of the worst offenders when it comes to traffic violations, and to paying up for them. Albania is shortly to hold a landmark General Election.


Any excuse to feature a 911: but this car with that number plate has driven the 650km to Le Mans at an average 36mpg according to @PorscheGB_PR. Impressive.

Any excuse to feature a 911: but this car with that number plate has driven the 650km to Le Mans at an average 36mpg according to @PorscheGB_PR. Impressive.


Technology – according to The Economist – quite the place to get all your driving news these days – “a study has shown that hands-free texting is more distracting to drivers than using a mobile phone”.


Luxembourg – as devices which can record number plates and recognisable images of people, dashcams – on-board CCTV cameras in vehicles – are illegal in Luxembourg.


Russia – as well as an amnesty for jailed businessmen (not thought to include Mikhail Khordokovsky), President Putin also announced today a major infrastructure investment, $13.6bn – 400bn roubles – on three projects: a railway Moscow-Kazan in the east, an upgrade for the Trans-Siberian railway and a massive new ring road around Moscow, making three ring roads around the city in total. No word on when any of the projects will be complete yet but the state funds will be used to leverage private investment.

Who knew but apparently Russian clergy have a reputation for reckless driving at the wheel of their luxury cars. Orthodox priest Pavel Semin, driving a Mercedes G-Wagen, was apparently involved in a tragic incident in which two road workers died last August. Reportedly he has now admitted his involvement after some allegedly dodgy dealings. Other priests have since been warned to not drive flashy cars and observe the rules of the road.


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