Daily Brief 6 July 2013

Latest update 18:00 UK time.


Record temperatures Portugal – demonstrations in central Istanbul (click for more) – No delays on Channel services


News: Saturday service today, see @DriveEurope on Twitter for the latest. Sunday digest of all the week’s best stories tomorrow.


Oil wrestling in Edirne.

Oil wrestling in Edirne. We can always rely on @LeighTurnerFCO to go somewhere interesting but he’s surpassed himself this time: en route to an oil wrestling tournament in Edirne, the city on the E80 240km from Istanbul, near the border with Greece. Apart from being the Turkish national sport, apparently oil wrestling – with olive oil – is the world’s oldest sport having been played continuously since 1362 according to Wikipedia. Competitors try to gain purchase on their opponents’ ‘kisbet’, water buffalo hide shorts. There’s been a major tournament on all week in Edirne, celebrating 652 years, due to finish tomorrow.



Meteoalarm weather alerts – Code Red for high temperatures SW Portugal – Lisboa and Setubal regions – plus amber warnings for the surrounding area and across Spain border. Amber for storms south central Poland and Slovakia, and for high temps and winds Montenegro.

Weather in brief – ‘Another hot Summer’s day across most of Europe’. But the odd (heavy) shower from Central to South East.

Crossing the Channel: No operators currently reporting any delays.

From @Port_of_Dover today: ‘Here in Dover sea conditions in the Channel are calm with North Easterly light airs, force 1, and the visibility is very good.’

Latest @CF_travel_news forecast: ‘The current forecast indicates slight sea conditions over the weekend.’

See our Traffic/Travel/Weather page for the latest.






Sofia, Bulgaria: the essentially peaceable nature of the anti-cabinet (not anti-govt) enduring protests. Photo via @Vesey, Vesey Crighton from cleves.bg luxury apartment rental.

Sofia, Bulgaria: the essentially peaceable nature of the anti-govt protests. Photo via @Vesey, Vesey Crighton from cleves.bg luxury apartment rental.


Brittany Ferries passengers from Santander: ‘To avoid possible congestion. Passenger vehicles arriving from Santander are advised to turn right immediately after exiting the port, then follow signs for Exeter A38 (Light vehicles).’

Bulgaria – continuing anti-govt demonstrations, day twenty three today. The British Embassy says, ‘There is a small risk of violence. Avoid large gatherings in public spaces and follow local media and the advice of the local authorities.’ For the latest FCO travel advice click here. For Bulgarian news in English see www.Novinite.com or @novinite_com on Twitter.

Turkey – despite some no-go areas on the Syrian border, general Foreign Office travel advice has been downgraded after the riots of recent weeks. Click for more.


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