Daily Brief 26 July 2013

Last updated 20:30 UK time.


in brief:

Channel: 30min delays passenger Eurotunnel and P&O D-C-D.

Weather: some heavy showers, otherwise warm and sunny.

Traffic: residual jams France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Italy.


Note: all the Dover ferry operators are warning customers to arrive in good time for their sailings as the port is very busy. There is also limited availability on many sailings. DFDS Dover-Calais/Dunkerque sailings are full today.



Hungary? Landlocked and quite flat – with a highest point of just under 3,500ft – but specialising in rolling, lush countryside. Half of Hungary is farmland, but it does have some interesting landscape, not least the heavily wooded Bakony Mountains north of the vast Lake Balaton (the Hungarian Sea/Riviera). Vienna isn’t far away. Our first experience of Eastern Europe proper was a day trip from there, on the motorway to Budapest, coming off at Gyor to head south to Balaton, along the north shore, then to the Slovenian border, cross country to Ljubljana, finishing in Trieste on the Adriatic coast. Was great.



Meteoalarm weather risk alertsGermany – Red alert for risk of heavy rain and thunderstorms Baden Wurttemburg. Red and amber alert for risk of forest fire south Norway and amber for western Slovenia. Amber alert for high temperatures north east Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland and Montenegro.

Amber alert for thunderstorms and high temperatures for large parts of France and south west Germany.

Weather – heavy showers Belgium, Holland, east Baltic, Alps and northern Italy. Else warm and sunny.

Crossing the Channel: P&O Dover-Calais: some services delayed by 30mins.

Eurotunnel UK terminal 30min delay; France 30mins. Due to high volume of traffic.

Eurotunnel Freight: 2h30 delay UK terminal due to high volume of traffic.

No other operators currently reporting any delays. See our Traffic/Travel/Weather page for more.


TRAFFIC. Major holdups on major routes. As at 20:30 UK time.

France – Calais/Dunkerque exits busy on and off. A16 and A26 okay.

Lille – A25 northbound through the city. Traffic backed up onto the A1 northbound. Now also A25 southbound at the A1 junction. Steadily resolving.

Paris – westbound A86 up to junction with A6b then A10 southbound. Also queues up to peage on A6 at Evry. All queues now much reduced.

Nice – A8 eastbound around Nice. Very slow from Antibes exit.

Belgium – E40/A10 westbound (towards Dunkirk/Calais) past Gent. Now improving.

Germany – north: A1 in and around Hamburg, esp. northbound out of the city towards Lubeck, and A7 jams in both directions past Kiel.

West: A59 southbound to junction with A42 (Oberhausen/Duisburg).

South: A8 westbound to junction with A5 at Karlsruhe. Munich: A8 eastbound towards Salzburg.

Switzerland – southbound queue at Gotthard Tunnel currently 3km, 30 minutes delay.

Italy – A4 eastbound at Milan very slow, especially before and after junction with A8. Also at Brescia after junction with A21, and slow on the way into Vicenza.

Spain – A6 northbound from west of Valladolid. A1 northbound from Madrid.



Bulgaria – anti-govt demonstrations becoming a permanent feature, stepping up a gear on 23 July with a blockade of parliament. The British Embassy says, ‘There is a small risk of violence. Avoid large gatherings in public spaces and follow local media and the advice of the local authorities.’ For the latest FCO travel advice click here. For Bulgarian news in English see www.Novinite.com or @novinite_com on Twitter.

Turkey – after some time without protests the situation is unpredictable again. See latest FCO travel advice.


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