Daily Brief 27 July 2013

Last updated 18:15 UK time.


in brief:

Channel: Eurotunnel UK freight delays.

Weather: Thundery west, hot east.

Traffic: France, Germany and Switzerland.


Note: all the Dover ferry operators are warning customers to arrive in good time for their sailings as the port is very busy and there is limited availability on many sailings. DFDS Dover-Dunkirk/Calais sailings are full today.


A random chateau somewhere south west of Montigny-le-Roi, eastern France

A random roadside chateau somewhere south west of Montigny-le-Roi, eastern France. From ‘Lost in the Auvergne’, coming up.



Meteoalarm weather risk alerts – Red alerts for thunderstorms northern Germany, for high temperatures Hungary, Montenegro and Sardinia. Red and amber alert for forest fire south Norway. Amber alert for high temperatures Spain, Italy, SwitzerlandAustria, and Poland.

A strip of Amber risk of thunderstorms and high temperatures Belgium, and France, north to south.

Weather – thunder Spain, northern France, Low Countries. Hot in central Europe and the south east.



Eurotunnel Freight: UK terminal: ‘Due to high volume of traffic, the journey from check-in to arrival in France will take approximately 2 hours.’

Brittany Ferries: ‘Caen/Portsmouth/Caen. 16;30 Departure from Caen delayed by 35 minutes.  ETA in Portsmouth 21:45.  Embarkation controls for 22:45 sailing will commence as soon as possible thereafter – Please Check-in as normal.’

No other operators currently reporting any delays.



Major holdups on major routes. Delays of over 30mins.

France – North – A29 eastbound to junction with A28 north of Rouen. Pont de Normandie bridge at Le Havre only busy southbound now.

Bordeaux: A630 clockwise onto A63 southbound.

Switzerland – No southbound queue at Gotthard Tunnel. Northbound now 4km and 40min delay.

Germany – north: A7 northbound across junction with A210, Kiel. And now A1 southbound Lubeck to Hamburg.

West – A46 southbound from junction with A1at Wuppertal (resolving).

South – A9 northbound to Ingolstadt after junction with A93 (resolving).


See Traffic/Travel/Weather for more.


NOTE: Bulgaria – anti-govt demonstrations becoming a permanent feature, stepping up a gear on 23 July with a blockade of parliament. The British Embassy says, ‘There is a small risk of violence. Avoid large gatherings in public spaces and follow local media and the advice of the local authorities.’ For the latest FCO travel advice click here. For Bulgarian news in English see www.Novinite.com or @novinite_com on Twitter.

Turkey – after some time without protests the situation is unpredictable again. See latest FCO travel advice.


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