Daily Brief 28 July 2013

Last updated 18:15 UK time.


in brief:

Channel: no delays.

Weather: warm to hot, mainly dry.

Traffic: see @DE_Traffic.

News: Gibraltar border chaos – Jenson, Hungary.


Note: Roads to the ferry ports have been heavily congested with holiday traffic. All the operators are warning customers to arrive in good time.


Belgrade. A fearsome one way system, heavy traffic and signs in Cyrillic only. For a moment we considered jacking it in a driving to Budapest. But Google Maps saved the day.

Belgrade. A fearsome one way system, rush hour traffic and signs in Cyrillic only. City centre driving doesn’t come much more intimidating than this. For a moment we considered jacking it in and driving to Budapest, 230 miles away, but Google Maps, with its Latin translations, saved the day. With that in mind, it’s encouraging that acting Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin said this week that signs in places frequented by tourists will soon appear in Latin script. Not sure he means road signs but, hey, it’s a start.



Meteoalarm weather risk alerts – Red and amber warnings for high temperatures central, east and south east Europe, plus red and amber alerts for risk of forest fire Norway.

Weather – very warm to hot though with heavy showers in Portugal, South of France, the Alps and northern Europe.


No operators currently reporting any delays.

See Traffic/Travel/Weather for more.



Gibraltar border queues, again.

Gibraltar. No queues outbound today but drivers on the way in still suffering a long wait.

Gibraltar. No queues outbound today but drivers on the way in still suffering a long wait. Photo via @JamesNeish.

Gibraltar – every one of the 10,000 cars passing over the border from Gibraltar to Spain was checked by border guards yesterday. Motorists waited for up to eight hours in sweltering heat. There were also large queues on Friday. Local broadcaster GBC News calls it ‘an undeniable retaliation tactic from the Spanish authorities following last Thursday’s incident at sea’ when Royal Navy ships attempting to lay an artificial reef in the bay were disrupted by Spanish fishermen. This is latest in a string of confrontations after mediation between Spain and the UK over the territory broke down last year. Such incidents are often followed by hyper-vigilance by Guardia Civil officers at the border. At the time of writing, there were no queues out of Gibraltar, but drivers coming in are waiting up to two and a half hours according to GBC News. For the latest, listen live to GBC at www.gbc.gi


Quite a good race today. Lewis Hamilton won his first race for Mercedes, and Jenson Button came seventh...

Quite a good race today in Hungary. Lewis Hamilton won his first race for Mercedes. Jenson Button came seventh… but for McLaren these days that’s a good result. All we can say is bring on the next race, the Belgian Grand Prix, because we’re going. Woo! Photo via @McLarenF1.


NOTE: Bulgaria – anti-govt demonstrations becoming a permanent feature, stepping up a gear on 23 July with a blockade of parliament. The British Embassy says, ‘There is a small risk of violence. Avoid large gatherings in public spaces and follow local media and the advice of the local authorities.’ For the latest FCO travel advice click here. For Bulgarian news in English see www.Novinite.com or @novinite_com on Twitter.

Turkey – after some time without protests the situation is unpredictable again. See latest FCO travel advice.


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