Introducing Transbucegi – Bruges bridge horror

Romania inaugurates its latest high altitude road. Tourists in Bruges are caught on an opening drawbridge. Big claims for this year’s Liege-Rome-Liege route. Germans call for Amplemannchen to be the European standard, the shocking cost of a new Poland/Ukraine border crossing, and a new speed record on the Brussels inner ring.



Runs parallel to Transalpina and Transfagarasan, to the east.

Romania apparently now has a trio of top flight high altitude roads.

In addition to Transalpina and Transfagarasan comes Transbucegi. All three run in parallel, from west to east respectively.

A local councillor says, ‘TransBucegi is even more spectacular than the famous Transalpina.’

Designated DJ713, Transbucegi lies next to main route DN1, Bucharest-Ploiesti-Brasov, just off the DN71 turning between Comarnic and Sinaia.



At around 13 miles, Transbucegi is nowhere near as long as its more established colleagues, and it terminates – at the Cabana Babele natural ‘stone mushrooms’ – where the others connect to major routes.

Alongside however is DJ714 which could make the trip more worthwhile.

Both roads cuts through the Bucegi Mountains, part of the southern Carpathians. Transbucegi tops out at 1,925m and was resurfaced in 2013 (we cannot vouch for the state of DJ714).

See for more, including video, or search Transbucegi on Facebook.


Your worst nightmare. Not just caught on a drawbridge as it lifts up, but the front wheels are hanging over the edge, you are in a foreign country and everybody waiting in the traffic opposite has a smartphone/video camera. The driver of a French-registered Toyota RAV4 heading into Bruges on the N9 from the north west apparently decided to chance it when he saw amber lights flashing on the Scheepsdalebrug. Clearly he came within moments of pulling it off. Photo, screen grab from YouTube ‘Car gets stuck on Bruges bridge’.

Worst nightmare. Caught on the Scheepsdalebrug as it lifted up, with their front wheels hanging over the edge, these French tourists must surely have bitterly regretted their last second dash for the lights on the N9 heading into Bruges yesterday afternoon. Photo, screen grab from YouTube ‘Car gets stuck on Bruges bridge’.


roundup: Germany. Bremen University researchers say the East German ‘Amplemannchen’ illuminated traffic signal should be made the European standard because pedestrians react to it more quickly. The cute graphics have become cult icons of the former DDR. Switzerland. A third of the average Swiss’ annual mileage of 20,500km – 12,700 miles – is driven abroad says the annual ‘Mobility and Transport 2013’ report released today (French only, via Poland/Ukraine. Two new border crossings will open at the end of this year, at Hrushiv-Budomierz (near Lviv) and Uhryniv-Dolhobyczow (near Lutsk) says Interfax. The Hrushiv crossing is being paid for by the Poles at a barely believable cost of $350m. Belgium. Police caught a driver at 200kmh (125mph) in the Louiza Tunnel on the Inner Brussels ring road last night as part of their pan-Europe TISPOL (anti) Speed Week. The driver was also over the drink drive limit. Police stopped 217 drivers: 42 were DUI and 37 without documents. Liege-Rome-Liege. Organisers of this year’s rally promise, ‘Roads that few have heard of, let alone driven,’ particularly on day four, around the French Alps near Chamonix. This leg is optional but competitors who demure will be ‘missing one of the most enjoyable days motoring you will probably ever have.’ See more at


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