We’re off to Belgium!

An entirely pre-booked trip this time – honestly, organised down to the nth degree – and a total distance that will struggle to break to 1,000 mile mark.

We’ve also got a – for us – very special car (lots more about that later).

Anyway, we’re going to the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa Francorchamps, staying in Maastricht (Netherlands) and commuting each day about 50 miles each way. So no beer at the circuit. We’ll see how that goes.

Back on Monday. In the meantime please see our Travel/Traffic/Weather page for the latest on what’s happening in the air, ground and sea. Adios.


Eau Rouge.

Eau Rouge. Our Bronze general admission tickets mean we won’t get anywhere near here. Oh well, Pouhon and Blanchimont it is then. Photo via @FIA.


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