12 September 2013

Last updated 18:00 BST.


NEWS: Happy Birthday 911.

Channel delays: none so far today.

Weather alerts: Amber alerts for heavy rain south east Germany and southern Italy, and for storms central Greece mainland.

Weather: unsettled across Europe though warm and sunny in Spain, Greece and Turkey.

Traffic: see @DE_Traffic from 09:30 BST.

See Travel/Traffic/Weather for more.


Happy Birthday 911.

Happy Birthday 911. Fifty years ago today the first 911 was presented at the 1963 Frankfurt Motor Show, sort of. Actually it was called the 901 at that stage and not renamed 911 until the year after. That’s fine by us, plenty more opportunities to recall one of the all time great cars, one that we were lucky enough to own and take on some amazing journeys like, above, to Limfjorden in northern Denmark. This year has been packed with official events to celebrate the 911’s fiftieth though Porsche has been very quiet about any plans to mark this specific day. We wonder if it has anything up its sleeve??


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