13 September 2013

Last updated 19:00 BST.


Channel delays: P&O Dover-Calais, delays of 40-60mins on some services.

Weather alerts: Amber alerts for heavy rain south east Germany, east Poland and east Romania.

Weather: cloud and/or rain except across the south.

Traffic: see @DE_Traffic from 09:30 BST.

See Travel/Traffic/Weather for more.



Everyday super car. The secret of the 911’s success, if I may be so bold, is not the steering, handling, traction or intoxicating savage wail of its exhaust note. What many people – particularly other car manufacturers – still fail to grasp after all these years is that the reason the 911 sells is because, on top of its dynamic qualities, it’s compact and practical. The 911 isn’t just a great car for a memorable long trip it’s the ideal car. A decent boot in the front, rear seats for any overspill, plenty of room in the cabin, a comfortable, upright driving position and 30mpg economy. It does make me laugh whenever a rival launches a low slung, two seat ‘911 killer’ with a tiny boot. It’s what we in the business call ‘missing the point’. Similarly, smug armchair engineers who dismiss the 911 as having the ‘engine in the wrong place’. None of what the 911 is would be possible without it being rear-engined. Take it from us: the 911 succeeds because of its rear engine, not inspite of it.


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