Where there’s trucks there’s food (and wifi)

Last updated 22:15 BST.


The wind is currently Force 9 in the Channel, expected to be particularly strong between 03:00-12:00 tomorrow, according to MyFerryLink, and improving Monday afternoon.


Channel delays: P&O Dover-Calais 60min delay. MyFerryLink Dover-Calais, next departure 22:45 from Dover. DFDS Dover-Calais and Dover-Dunkirk 60min delays.

DFDS/LDLines Newhaven-Dieppe-Newhaven tonight and tomorrow cancelled as is the afternoon/evening Le Havre-Portsmouth-Le Havre. P&O Hull-Rotterdam ‘possibility of a delay’.

A technical problem on Pont Aven and bad weather affects most Brittany Ferries‘ services until Monday. Bad weather disrupts Condor Ferries services on Sunday and Monday.

Weather alertsRed alert for high winds along entire Dutch coast. Amber alerts high winds west/north France, north west Spain, north Germany, Denmark and south Sweden. Storms Austria.

Weather: Very windy and storms Northern Europe, fine across Balkans, dry in Adriatic.

See Travel/Traffic/Weather for more.



#YoGypsy: Having driven across Turkey – via Ankara, Cappadocia, a little town called Zara and mountain city Erzurum – @Yomadic, @TheBlondeGypsy and @PhillJane – in the €350 Renault Clio ‘Nancy’ – are poised to enter Armenia. Here at a truck stop ‘in the middle of nowhere. Where’s there’s trucks, there’s food [and wifi].’ Photo: @Yomadic.


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