France’s sexiest politician – Cabbage Patch Cops

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Monday 28 October 2013.

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Speeding to the Elysee Palace.

Manuel Valls (r), sexiest politician alive? Next to Francois Hollande, maybe.

Manuel Valls (r), sexiest politician alive? Next to Francois Hollande, maybe.

A senior commander in the Paris traffic police has threatened to withhold Christmas and New Year holidays from officers not catching at least three motorists per day.

The government denies there are official quotas but there’s no doubt: the police are under pressure.

Road deaths have been cut by 12.8% overall this year, significantly below the average annual reduction of 15% they need to meet the official pledge of ‘under 2,000 deaths each year by 2020’.

At stake is not just a government promise but the reputation of the man in charge of its delivery, Interior Minister Manuel Valls.

In sharp contrast to President Francois Hollande’s record low approval rating of 23%, the intensely ambitious, Barcelona-born Valls is the only member of the government enjoying any kind of popularity.

Part of the ‘efficient left’, Valls is becoming known as a hard man. His recent tough stance on immigration – deporting a Roma girl during a school trip – has played well with the general public. He was also voted the ‘sexiest politician alive’ by Elle magazine readers last month. He stood against Hollande in the last presidential primary but lost out badly after proposing to remove the word Socialist from the party’s name.

Right or wrong, the French are in no doubt that speeding is the biggest cause of fatal road accidents. Since the first radar trap was unveiled – coincidentally, ten years ago yesterday, by another action man Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy – road deaths have been cut from nearly 8,000 each year to under four thousand.

The point is, anybody thinking that the current crackdown on speeding is a flash in the pan is clearly deluding themselves. Those enjoying the feeling of pedal on metal should give France a wide berth for the foreseeable future. Why not head south via Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany instead?


Cabbage Patch Cops.

Police in Bucharest confiscated cabbage from an illegal seller yesterday and had no choice but to transport the contraband themselves.

Police in Bucharest confiscated cabbage from an illegal seller yesterday and had no choice but to transport the contraband themselves. Pic via @BucharestLife and @Sandman_ro


FRANCE. Up to 1,000 farmers, hauliers and local businessmen protesting against the upcoming electronic truck toll ECOTAX lit bales and piles of tyres in west Brittany on Saturday. Police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. It follows a quieter ‘symbolic’ action on Wednesday when the toll gantries were covered over. More demonstrations are planned next Saturday. LUXEMBOURG. Police plan a month of random tyre and light inspections in November. Last year winter tyres became mandatory in snow and/or ice from 1 October onwards though All-Weather tyres marked M+S (mud and snow) on the sidewall are also acceptable (the majority of UK tyres are summer specification).


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