Talks on German ‘foreigners’ road toll’ stumble – Poland A1 upgrade

Last updated 20:30 BST.


Channel delays: up to 20min delays DFDS Dover-Calais some services due to port movements.

Weather alerts: Amber alert high winds Slovenia and Croatia and for storms Italy and Greece.

Weather: Strong winds, showers central Mediterranean/Adriatic. Dry and sunny Iberia/South of France.

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GERMANY – talks on foreign road toll falter.

It looked almost certain last weekend but suddenly the ‘road toll for foreigners’ idea looks to have skidded if not crashed completely. According to Reuters, Coalition negotiations on the issue yesterday failed to reach agreement. The parties have apparently decided to postpone further discussions until the final round of talks. Reuters doesn’t speculate on the reasons apart from to say support from the ruling CDU party is fading. Other German media says the problem is Angela Merkel herself after she promised, during the leaders’ debates before the election, ‘with me there will be no car tax’. It seems that promise might extend to foreigners as well.


EV touring:

Beyond Range Anxiety: a German couple will attempt to prove that electric cars have evolved to the point that long distance trips are feasible. Driving a Renault Zoe, they set out from Munich this Friday, aiming for Barcelona by the next evening. That’s 1,375km. They say the electricity will cost €51.50. Presuming it all turns out as planned, they intend to follow up with a more ambitious tour next May: 9 capitals in 9 days, 4,200km in all and open to other teams. See for more.


POLAND. Stretching 560km from Gdansk on the Baltic to the Czech border near Ostrava, the A1 is Poland’s busiest road. A new €350m loan from the European Investment Bank will see 144km between Torun and Strykow (connecting to the A2 to Warsaw) fully upgraded to motorway standard. It will also complete the section from Gdansk to Lodz. Work starts on the remaining 275km south via Katowice in 2015. Ultimately the 490 mile road – E75/65 – will run from the Baltic to Vienna via Brno.



Random daily pic: Kite surfing at Hoek van Holland. Krazy. Pic via @Burger_Ferry/@PortofRotterdam.


Roundup. GERMANY. Falling fuel prices, down 6% on October last year, are credited with the lowest monthly inflation rate (of 1.2%) since August 2010. According to, a litre of unleaded 95 currently costs €1.598, and diesel €1.378. GIBRALTAR. A man on his fourth drunk driving charge has been sentenced to three months in jail for failing to provide a specimen and criminal damage in the police station – also fined £95 and banned from driving for 12 months. SERBIA. A 24 year old driver, not wearing a seatbelt, didn’t close the door properly, fell out and was crushed to death under his own wheels near Majdanpek yesterday. TESLA. The Model S will cost considerably less than thought in the UK. Prices start from £49,900 – around £10,000 lower than on the Continent – rising to £68,700 for the fastest P85 Performance version.


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