France: road safety gains reversing – Next stop Cappadocia – Gibraltar – Finding Nardo

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GIBRALTAR. The British and Gibraltarian governments chose to look beyond the headline finding of the European Commission’s Border inspection team published today: that the enhanced border checks running on and off since October last year do not break EU law. Instead the UK’s Europe minister David Lidington said he welcomed the report’s recommendations, that Spain should build more vehicle lanes to make crossing physically easier, and switch to a risk based approach to reduce the ‘large amount’ of random border checks. Gibraltar First Minister Fabian Picardo said in a GBC Radio interview that ‘after the dust settles we may see some progress.’ The Commission will review the situation in six months.



Next stop Cappadocia: the remarkable GREAT British bus tour continues, selling UK business – particularly education – right around Turkey. Here in Cappadochia in the centre of the country yesterday, a place famous for its naturally occurring ‘fairy chimneys’, and latterly its hot air balloon regatta. It’s in Kayseri today with more stops planned in Eskehesir, Adana and Gazientep (right near the Syrian border). Pic via @LeighTurnerFCO.


FRANCE: road safety gains reversing

For only the second time this year – and the first since the unmarked mobile camera cars were introduced in March – monthly statistics show a rise in the number of fatal traffic accidents.

307 people died on the roads in October 2013 compared to 299 in October 2012, an increase of 2.7%.

Overall, fatalities are still down by 11.4% over 2012, or nearly 350 lives saved. But, from a stellar decrease of nearly 30% in May the trend has been notably downward ever since, apart from September (-9.6%) when it briefly looked as if the tide had been turned.

France is working towards cutting road deaths ‘to under 2,000 by 2020’, down from 3,653 in 2012. It’s currently on course to meet that target but with gains now reversing there must be concerns over whether progress will continue, and a policy which is almost exclusively targeted at speeders.

Earlier this month, police in a Pairs suburb were reportedly being denied time off at Christmas and New Year for not booking enough motorists.

source: Securite Routiere.


nardo. Mercedes is celebrating 30 years since it set it

NARDO. Mercedes celebrates 30 years since setting its enduring endurance record. Three 190E 2.5-16s covered 50,000km in nine days at an average speed of 248kmh around the eight mile banked oval. But, where is it? And can we have a go? Thanks to Google Maps we can now say Nardo is almost exactly half way down the west coast of Italy’s heel, between Nardo town and Manduria, along SP359. Owned by Porsche since last year it’s not open to private individuals unfortunately though perhaps it’s possible to hear high powered exotica pounding around while lying on that beach?


roundup: AZERBAIJAN. Following renovations, the narrow streets of Icherisheher, the historic old town part of capital Baku, have been converted to a one-way system. Drivers are being handed maps showing the new arrangements on the in-roads, also translated into English. Penalties apply from 1 December. BELGIUM. Nobody expects rock fall to obscure the carriageway in Belgium but that’s exactly what happened yesterday on the N90 between Andenne and Namur in the Meuse valley. Nobody was injured but the road, the attractive back way between Liege and Charleroi, will be closed for a few days. BOSNIA. It’s switch over day for Winter Tyres. According to the local press, only tyres marked M+S, MS or M&S and the snowflake symbol, plus at least 4mm tread, are acceptable with a penalty 40BAM (£17) fine for noncompliance. BELARUS. President Alexander Lukashenko is demanding that the outskirts of capital Minsk be tidied up. ‘A reasonable approach should be developed when shaping the appearance of the city and its outskirts,’ he said today. It’s less about impressing visiting foreign motorists however than zoning land for development. RUSSIA. President Putin’s former Judo partner has won the contract to build, operate and maintain a significant section of the upcoming M-11 Moscow-St Petersburg motorway. Arkady Rotenburg’s Mostotrest will build 209km between Tver and Novgorod, to open in four years ahead of the 2018 World Cup.

late news: EU transport commissioner @SiimKallasEU tweeted this afternoon, ‘Agreed with Romanian PM Ponta to set up trilateral task force to step-up the development of transport network between Moldova and Romania.’


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