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Channel delays: P&O Calais-Dover knock-on delays of up to 40mins on some services. DFDS Dover-Calais early hours cancellations tmrw, op issue. DFDS Newcastle-Amsterdam disrupted today and tomorrow.

Weather alerts: Red alert for high winds Poland. Amber alerts for high winds across much of northern and central Europe and Scandinavia and for snow central Sweden and southern Finland.

Weather: Wintry across Europe, heavy snow – already in Germany, Austria with sleet in Switzerland – and severe gales. Fine and dry Iberia.

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DOVER. Dover Port was preparing for another tidal surge this lunchtime. A tidal – or storm – surge is where high winds blowing on the sea’s surface raise the water level. The advice is to check with ferry operators before travelling. See www.doverport.co.uk for more or @Port_of_Dover.

update: @Port_of_Dover tweeted at 13:05 that the port is open and operating normally. @MyFerryLink tweeted at 14:00, ‘The latest tidal surge has now passed the Port of Dover without causing disruption.’



Timmelsjoch: fifteen miles west of the Brenner Pass and 60 miles east of the Reschen Pass, the 8,200ft Timmelsjoch on the border between Austria and Italy is the ideal place to demonstrate the qualities of Mercedes new 4×4 Sprinter, with low range gearbox for proper off road use and Merc’s version of hill descent control. Often overlooked due to the proximity of its more famous neighbours, Timmelsjoch is aka ‘the secret passage’. It cuts north west/south east from east of Innsbruck to Vipiteno, r186 to SS44bis. The Austria side has a toll, from €14 one way. See www.timmelsjoch.com


FRANCE. A man was sent a bill for repairs to the barriers after being run off the A25 Dunkirk-Lille autoroute by a hit and run driver. A rep from the Direction Interdépartementale des Routes du Nord (DIR) told The Connexion, ‘It was Mr Depestel’s car that had done the damage, even if he had been rammed by the other driver.’ The bill came to €25,554.10. It’s not clear yet if Mr Depestel will have to pay. The original report aired on TV1. DIR says it regularly sends bills for road repairs to those involved in accidents and it happens in the UK too. The Daily Telegraph reported the case of a motorcyclist who was charged after his burning bike bubbled the road surface in Aberdeenshire in 2009, the result of an accident he claimed wasn’t his fault either.


It's official.

It’s official: the McLaren P1 megacar has lapped the Nurburgring Nordschliefe in seven minutes or less. The company is not saying – yet at least – how fast it went exactly, merely that it lapped at an average speed of more than 111mph and hit 205mph on the main straight. The P1 was driven from the UK to the circuit for the test and used the standard (albeit bespoke) road tyres. Porsche documented a 6m57s ‘Ring time for its 918 Spyder back in September.


ROMANIA. Business organisations, foreign investors and now the President are against next year’s 10% fuel duty rise. Despite an overwhelming majority of MPs voting in favour of the budget this week – and a backstop loan from the IMF being dependent on its passing – President Traian Basescu says he will refuse to sign off the Bill because of the tax rise. He has until 29 December to decide and ultimately cannot refuse though he can force parliament to at least reconsider. The significant rise in fuel costs had raised hopes in Western Europe that the competitive advantage enjoyed by Romanian hauliers would reduce.


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