Gibraltar Queue Watch: a new twist

Last updated 18:15 GMT.


CHANNEL DELAYS: Weather delays of up to four hours Dover-Calais/Dunkirk, P&O, DFDS and MyFerryLink.

Eurotunnel passenger: UK 60mins wait on terminal.

LD Lines Poole-Santander postponed by ‘extreme’ weather in Bay of Biscay, and Sunday’s Santander-Poole. Update tomorrow morning.

Condor Ferries high speed sailings cancelled Monday, services rescheduled 21-23 December due to weather.

Brittany Ferries Portsmouth-Caen, tech issue Mont St Michel, delays, and Portsmouth-Santander, weather.

WEATHER ALERTS: Amber alert ‘coastal event’ Denmark, high winds eastern Germany, ‘coastal event’ Spain, fog Montenegro, ice east Czech Republic.

WEATHER: Settled across much of Europe. Gales in the North. Sunny and dry Iberia.

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Work is on-going on the Spanish side of the border apparently

Work is on-going on the Spanish side of the border, apparently acting on the European Commission border inspection team’s recommendation to better organise vehicle queues. The delays themselves however have worsened. Pic via @Gibraltar_ape

Wednesday was a particularly bad day at the Spanish frontier with delays reaching four hours by the evening.

That’s as long as queues have been since the summer’s string of diplomatic incidents.

For the first time however, there were six lanes of traffic waiting to cross into Spain during the night.

At midnight, and again at 01:00, the estimated queuing time was three hours according to @RGPolice. After the ‘enhanced checks’ finished at 02:30 the waiting cars dispersed almost immediately.

This week the European Commission finally published the letter it sent to the Spanish authorities after the border inspection in September. It emerges that border guards define ‘medium intensity’ checks as thorough searches on eight out of ten vehicles.


Berlin Wall, Christmas 1961.

Berlin Wall, Christmas 1961. Pic via @TheViewEast


One thought on “Gibraltar Queue Watch: a new twist

  1. As someone who lives in Gibraltar I can only say that these queues suck. So many friends have got caught in them. It is crazy to think that you can fly to the UK quicker than you can get across the border on some days. I feel very sorry for the workers who cross each day and the people of La Linea who have really felt the financial effects of not having everyone from Gibraltar go over to shop there. I just hope the New Year will bring a resolution favourable to both sides!

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