Holidays hit the roads

Last updated 18:20 GMT.


Holiday traffic kicking off today, especially French Alps and Germany/Austria border, see below.


CHANNEL DELAYS: Ferries back on track after yesterday’s storm.

WEATHER ALERTS: Small patches of amber severe weather warnings across Europe: flooding north France, high wind east Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia. Coastal event Spain and Portugal. Avalanche and high winds south Norway. Storms Greece.

WEATHER: Heavy rain west. Settled in the East. Fine across the Balkans. Sunny spells Italy.

ROADS: Some local roads still closed following heavy snow across Alps, especially in worst affected southern Switzerland and northern Italy. Light snow today.

TRAFFIC: Still busy Beaune (Dijon)-Paris A6. Delay A43 Lyon-Chambery now down to 15mins. N90 Albertville-Moutiers delay now down to 25mins with traffic moving.

South Germany: much quieter on border crossings with Austria though still short queues at Garmisch, Kufstein and Fussen/Reutte. Bregenz clear all day.

See Christmas Congestion or Travel/Traffic/Weather for more.


Porsche opens a winter driving centre in Levi northern Finland this season - in addition to the existing facility at Rovaniemi - with a full programme of courses for all levels of experience. See

Porsche opens a new winter driving centre this season in Levi, northern Finland. It’s 170km north of the Arctic Circle, a ski resort and regular host to the Alpine Skiing World Cup. Are we moving away from just driving in circles on frozen lakes? See


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