Finnish traffic police finish

Last updated 20:30 GMT.


CHANNEL DELAYS: Severe weather in the West causing disruption until early next week.

Eurotunnel France passenger: 30mins on terminal, ‘earlier incident in the tunnel now resolved’. Freight 3hr transit time from France.

Condor Ferries Sunday’s St Malo-Guernsey service departs 60min early. Sunday and Monday hi-speed services cancelled. Brittany Ferries Bilbao-Portsmouth Tuesday sailing brought forward to today. LDLines Santander-Poole cancelled today and Poole-Gijon on Tuesday. St Nazaire-Gijon-St Nazaire sailings cancelled Monday and Tuesday.

WEATHER ALERT: Amber alert high winds Ireland, flood France, coastal storm Spain, high winds/rain Italy and Montenegro.

WEATHER: Heavy snow Norway + Alps. Gales in the North. Unsettled across much of Europe. Windy.

TRAFFIC: finally quieting down north east Italy on roads to east of A22 Brenner motorway. Earlier queues southbound on A22 at Trento now gone, and queues A1 Arezzo-Rome.

Snow across southern Switzerland again. Local road closures, especially now in the east, but major routes open. No queues Gotthard Tunnel.

France: Anti-Ecotax roads demonstrations in Brittany today were ‘symbolic’ and did not block traffic.

See Christmas Congestion or Travel/Traffic/Weather for more.


FINLAND: what started out as the riot squad in 19xx

FINLAND: what started out as the riot squad 83 years ago, in the wake of a civil war – then booze busters during Prohibition – turned into a dedicated traffic police force in 1935 with the nickname ‘Lentava Poliisi’, Flying Squad. As you can see they had a tradition of cool cars from early on, latterly including a Dodge Charger, Audi 90 Quattro and Jaguar S-Type R, all donated after public appeals. Most recently they took delivery of a Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake 4Matic. Up until the turning point in road safety in 1973 – when deaths peaked at over 1,100 and a stricter regime was brought in – Finnish police cars carried mechanics and even spare petrol to help motorists in difficulties. With fatalities now at a fifth of those in the 1970s, as of 1 January 2014 the traffic unit has now been subsumed into the regular police force. Pic via info via


One thought on “Finnish traffic police finish

  1. “Finnish police cars carried mechanics and even spare petrol to help motorists in difficulties.” This is what police should do in the whole EU nowadays. They should be there not only to pursue the speeding bad guys but they should be prepared to help. And these two tasks should be equally important.

    Apart from that, very nice picture. And CLS shooting brake 4matic? Stunning 🙂 I know, it’s bought from public money but even though. A foreigner travelling across the country will see the police in such a machine a he will think: Wow, what a great country!

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