Still Hope UK-Norway Ferry – Jaguar Mille

NEWS: After DFDS pulled out of the sole UK-Scandinavia route earlier this week it emerges there is still a glimmer of hope for Norwegian Seaway’s UK-Norway ferry. Plus, Jaguar’s upcoming celeb-studded Mille Miglia.



Norwegian Seaways: ‘Efforts are continuing’.

Updated 7 May with new comments from Norwegian Seaways, see below.

Update: on 21 January 2015, Norwegian Seaways announced it will launch a UK-Norway ferry service in March 2016. See more here.

Bergen, Norway. Photo via

Bergen, Norway. Photo via

On Monday this week we asked DFDS Seaways whether it would consider re-starting its ferry route between the UK and Norway.

Ironically, a day later the company announced it was pulling out of its Harwich-Esbjerg, Denmark route in September – the last remaining scheduled ferry between the UK and Scandinavia – blaming, among other things, new EU emission rules.

Late last year, news that a new company, Norwegian Seaways, was gearing up to run a ferry between Newcastle, Bergen and Stavanger drew a strong and consistent response from readers – it is still one of the most popular stories on @DriveEurope – and huge disappointment when it seemed the plans were coming to nothing, at least for summer 2014.

However, intriguing tweets this week from Paul Woodbury, operations director at Norwegian Seaways, show that the company has certainly not given up on the idea.

After tweeting on Tuesday that, ‘Esbjerg cancellation further fuels the argument for UK/Norway ferry. There is demand. It’s about effective marketing & tight control on cost,’ Woodbury told an industry colleague this morning that, while there was no news at the moment, ‘Efforts are continuing.’

It is understood that Norwegian Seaways’ original plan was not sufficiently supported by local authorities in Norway. Meanwhile, a UK-Norway ferry route was identified as an ‘immediate priority’ in a recent review by Lord Adonis and has the full backing of the UK’s North East Local Enterprise Partnership.

After the Harwich-Esbjerg route finishes in September, to reach Scandinavia UK drivers must either bag one of the limited spaces on board DFDS freight routes to Gothenburg/Brevik, or drive via the Low Countries and Germany.

While hopes of the Norwegian Seaways route must still be regarded as slim, there seems to be more chance of it happening than any new DFDS ferries between the UK and Scandinavia.

UPDATE 7 MAY 2014: In a tweet sent from the ‘north east’ (UK) last night (6 May 2014), Norwegian Seaways’ operations director Paul Woodbury said, ‘Norwegian Seaways took a cautious step closer to reality today. A way still to go, but market confidence is clearly changing for the better.’


Jaguar has roped in a load of celebrities to run a range of its classic cars at this month's Mille Miglia, Brescia-Rome-Brescia rally. As well as former model Jodie Kidd, above, Martin Brundle, Jay Leno and Bruno Senna among others will drive D-TYPE

Jaguar fields a group of celebrities at this month’s 1,000 mile Mille Miglia, Brescia-Rome-Brescia rally. As well as former model Jodie Kidd, above, Martin Brundle, Jay Leno and Bruno Senna among others will drive ‘historically significant’ XKs, C-TYPEs and D-TYPEs, from 15-18 May. See #JaguarMille.


23 thoughts on “Still Hope UK-Norway Ferry – Jaguar Mille

  1. Frustrated that the cheapst way to get to Britain by car is Norwegian, Ryan,Sas ,British Airways, combinded with Avis ,Budget etc. There must be some kind of profit to be made if only in the summer months. I have used the ferries from Bergen and Kristiansand over the years and miss them!

  2. As a family we fish in Norway every year taking our car….vital that Newcastle Bergen restarts to replace Harwich Esjberg closedown.


  4. Now the last uk Scandinavia link has gone and a cautious improvement in the economy, surely investors will recognise the huge opportunity in restarting the uk norway link. As the only link with the right sized boat this is going to be a gold mine. Fingers crossed.

  5. From 1992 onwards for many years I used the Newcastle to Bergen ferry. It was wonderful and so direct. I miss those holiday, and I will soon be too old to make the trip. Please re-instate this route so we can all enjoy Norway and its wonderful scenery from the roads around the fjords.

  6. My family and I travel by car to Finland every year and now that the Esjberg option is ending, it will become a very difficult and long drive. We do hope that the Norway route returns as it would save around 450 miles of boring difficult roads and the route from Bergen round into Finland is beautiful.

  7. I am now going to do my 6th visit to Norway this year. Have done Harwich to Hook an then driven, Harwich to Esberg and driven, have done Immingham to Brevik, also flown Ryan Air to Rygge and hired a car to drive to Alesund but the best trip I made was 9 yeas ago when I sailed from Newcastle to Bergen and drove up to Alesund. This trip I am going from Dover toDunkirk – driving up through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and up through Norway – no mean feat but worth it to see my grandchildren. PLEASE BRING BACK NEWCASTLE TO BERGEN I WILL BUY A SEASON TICKET.

  8. I to have been waiting for a restart I have grand children and great/great grand children ,used this route for 40 years and immingham to sweden ,I was on the last ferry to uk I hope to see it again, BRING BACK FERRY TO NORWAY

  9. I started travelling to Norway in 1970 on the Leda followed by vomiting Venus, Jupiter,now
    Norway appears more and more isolated and if Icelands volcanoes decide to close
    airways seaways may not be so unattractive afterall.
    . Allowing obviously a new generation
    to explore Norway By car. So if someone is listenning in Norway.Waiting on the banks
    of the Tyne are some 70 Million prospective customers and I am just one of them .

  10. Just done the trip over to Dover and then driving all the way to Alesund in Norway – wouldbe so fantastic if Newcastle to Bergen opened – I travel to Norway many various ways about 6 times a year so that I can see my family – I would use the ferry everytime

  11. If the Newcastle to Bergen ferry comes back I will finally be able to do my cycling tour of Norway! Really do not want to have to go to Amsterdam and cycle from there!

  12. Any news yet on a uk to Bergen ferry ? I am hoping to do a fjord cruise for our silver wedding dec 2015 and the only one I can find departs from Bergen and I refuse to fly so I need a ferry to Bergen .

  13. We Norwegian are as eager as all you to go across, only we would like to go the other way! Since I got myself an MG there has only been the Holland connection, and that is a bit far when I really want to go to Orkney and Outer Hebrides (again).

  14. I loved touring Norway on my motorcycle two years a go and have told people what a lovely country and people it has but everyone put of by the long ride just get there,its such a shame considering all the history we have that this gem is so well hide

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