Race Around The Baltic P2: Gulf of Finland to UK

Can you drive around the Baltic? Would you want to? How long does it take? Does it require months of planning, and military-style execution?

Part Two, Still Single After All This Time: Gulf of Finland to the UK.


See Part One here. 

*work in progress*


First sight Helsinki

The enormity of what we have left to do hits home in the bar of the Helsinki Holiday Inn.

That might sound melodramatic but we’ve covered 1,750 miles in four days so far with the same distance to go but a day less to do it in. We’re both already absolutely exhausted. There follows a brisk discussion of the options. They include a boat from here direct to Stockholm, another boat from Turku on the west coast to Stockholm – which at least means we see a bit of Finland – or, best of all in that respect, a boat from Vaasa quite far up the west coast across to Umea in northern Sweden.

In fact there’s a dense network of ferry routes around the Baltic, we could go straight to Germany if we wanted…

None of the options includes the original plan, to drive over the top of the Gulf of Bothnia, the tall thin Baltic inlet between Sweden and Finland, which tops out a few miles from the Arctic Circle.






oresund toll tip



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