The Starter Alps: southern Germany

Last updated 18:00BST.



Flash floods yesterday in southern Italy, similar on-going in Bulgaria. Potential delays at border controls Calais, passengers advised to arrive in good time. Overnight road works on the A20 in Dover. Continuing threat from volcano eruption in Iceland.

Semi-shut down on @DriveEurope for September, but still keeping an eye on the news, traffic, travel and weather.


CALAIS MIGRANT CRISIS: the security fencing from last week’s NATO conference in Wales will be given to the port authorities in Calais says the BBC, which also reports more stowaway incidents: one man hidden in a motorhome yesterday and two more in another vehicle. The RHA, see below, says 300 people have been discovered on 69 trucks so far this week. After Thursday’s stowaway incident, Eurotunnel warns passengers to be vigilant. ‘We’ve been warning truck drivers for a while now to be on the lookout for people sneaking into their trailers in car parks, now we’re just extending this advice to motorists,’ said a spokesman. The FCO Foreign Office says similar for all cross-Channel passengers, ‘There are large numbers of illegal migrants in and around Calais, who may seek an opportunity to enter the UK illegally. Although local police patrols have been reinforced, you should keep car doors locked in slow moving traffic and secure your vehicle when it is left unattended.’

Meanwhile, the Road Haulage Association warns drivers and haulage companies not to arrive at Calais ‘with hours to spare’, or take rest breaks within sixty miles of the port. One driver warns other truckers to check their vehicles after the crossing. @BoatShiftSimon tweeted today, ‘Illegals known to be swapping trailers mid crossing, some being found hiding on axles when they were not there boarding.’

CALAIS MIGRANT CRISIS PETITION: 3,316 signatures since 15.7.



WEATHER ALERT: Amber alert heavy rain Spain + storm Germany, Austria.

WEATHER: Warm. Unsettled South East. Showers Portugal.

GOTTHARD TUNNEL: northbound queue down to 5km, delay 50mins.

MONT BLANC TUNNEL: ‘traffic is fluent’.

MAJOR TRAFFIC DELAYS: Inbound roads in Paris region busy but no major delays.

E40 eastbound to Brussels, earlier accident at Bruges, delay 30mins.

A73 southbound to Bamberg, accident, lanes closed at Ebensfeld delay 50mins.

A1 eastbound through Zurich, accident at Seebach, lane closed, 60min delay from Dietikon.

A14 westbound Rimini-Bologna, heavy traffic, total delay 60mins.

Earlier: now no delay A9 southbound to Ingolstadt. A9 northbound Beziers-Montpellier, accident at Sete, delay down to 10mins. A1 both ways through Hamburg, bridge works, now no northbound delay; southbound down to 10mins. A44 westbound into Dortmund, lane closed at Werl, delay down to 15mins.

See Travel/Traffic/Weather for more.


The Starter Alps: southern Germany. Coming soon.

The Starter Alps: southern Germany. More later.


GIBRALTAR FRONTIER WATCH: quiet overnight. Max 30min delay so far today.


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