Significant Fall in Fatal French Road Accidents – Paris Roadscapes

After worrying increases earlier in the year it seems the road safety message is gaining traction in France with a significant fall in the number of fatal accidents last month, and the safest summer since records began.



Safest summer since 1948 but pressure still on car drivers.

summer road deaths france

Graph showing fall in combined July and August fatal road accidents in France since 2000.

It seems the road safety message is really starting embed in France.

After last year when significant gains were made only under threat of anonymous camera cars – which quickly reversed – this year, with new initiatives restricted to a TV ad campaign, the gains have returned to levels not seen since early 2013.

Road deaths were down 7.1% in August compared to the same month last year, a sharp reverse from the near 30% increase seen in March.

In July and August together, which traditionally account for the majority of fatal accidents on French roads, 603 people were killed compared to 666 in the same months in 2013.

All in all that accounts for the fewest summer road deaths since recording started in 1948. Little more than a decade ago, those months claimed around 1,500 lives.

However, the gains come from primarily from motorbike and scooter riders; the numbers of car drivers suffered a ‘slight increase’.

So far this year, road deaths are up 49 over the same period in 2013. Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve said ‘we must redouble our efforts to improve road safety’.


Roadscapes exhibition, Paris. More later.

Roadscapes, Paris: ‘The highway is a loop. From a starting point, you always go back. Five artists – Sophie Calle, Julien Magre, Stéphane Couturier, Alain Bublex, Antoine d’Agata – hit the road, looking for a story, often their own. Anonymous and yet so familiar, the highway became their creative land, their intimate playground. For all of them and for sure, an invitation to find themselves, to get lost.’ ‘S’il y a lieu, je pars avec vous – If there is room, I will come with you’ – photographic exhibition at Le Bal, northern Paris, 11 September-10 October. See



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