Three Days UK-Istanbul

Last updated 18:00GMT, Thursday 27 November.


TODAY: General Strike ‘paralyses’ Greece today, including ferries, see more. Port Authority strike in Le Havre Friday 6am until Saturday 6am, Brittany Ferries + DFDS sailings cancelled. H13 Locarno-Brissano, Switzerland, still restricted by landslides at Lugano. The M20 coastbound J5-6 at Maidstone is closed overnight this week – 20:00-06:00 – until Thursday. Diversion in place.

NEWS: two men drive from the UK to Istanbul in three days to demonstrate the hardiness of Wellhouse Leisure’s Ford Terrier campervan. Ireland introduces roadside drug testing, and tightens DUI laws, to combat deteriorating road safety. Antwerp trials controversial registration plate parking meters. Denmark bids to host a Formula One race in 2018.


CHANNEL DELAYS: no delays currently.

WEATHER ALERT: Amber alerts fog overnight Ireland, rain, floods south east France, rain, high winds Portugal, rain Spain + now rain/storm Tuscany, north west Italy.

WEATHER: rain, mild West + North. Chilly East.


MONT BLANC TUNNEL: ‘traffic is fluent’.

MAJOR TRAFFIC DELAYS: A4 eastbound from Paris, accident Saint-Maurice, delay (right from Place Concorde) down to 45mins. A630 ring east Bordeaux, anticlock, road works, delay 45mins.

A9 northbound Amsterdam, accident Haarlem-South, delay 50mins. A1 northbound into Amsterdam, accident Diemen delay 45mins.

R0 ring west Brussels, accident Wemmel, anticlock, delay A3>A10 around 45mins. A10/E40 eastbound to Brussels, accident Gent, delay 35mins.

A6 eastbound into Nuremberg, accident Schwabach delay 45mins.

A2 northbound to Basel, accident, lane closed at Diegten delay 1h40. A1 northbound Lausanne, accident Cossonay delay 45mins.

EarlierA14 inbound Antwerp, earlier accident R1 ring, delay still 35mins (R1 ring east Antwerp, new accident, delay A11>A13 back to 30mins).

See Travel/Traffic/Weather for more.


Terrier on Tour: one campervan - a Ford Terrier - and two men took just three days to drive from the UK to the Ford factory in Istanbul. A staggering achievement. More later. Photo @WellhouseCamper.

Terrier on Tour: one campervan and two men took just three days this week to drive from the UK to the Ford factory in Istanbul (where the Ford Transit bases for Wellhouse Leisure’s Ford Terrier campers are built). An impressive achievement, even more so because they will now do the journey in reverse. Photo @WellhouseCamper.


roundup: IRELAND. Roadside drug tests are introduced today as it is revealed that more than 50% of samples taken from drivers in the past ten years contained illegal drugs according to Minister for Transport Paschal Donohoe. For the first time medics can also take blood samples from incapacitated drivers (consent will still be needed but refusing will be an offence in itself). Axa Insurance revealed last week that the number of people killed in road accidents so far this year was already eight higher than last year – itself a year when (as also in Luxembourg) fatalities grew compared to the year previously, in defiance of the general downward trend in Europe. This year France and Germany might find themselves in a similar boat. BELGIUM. Antwerp is trailing controversial number plate-ticketless parking machines at five locations in the city says FlanderNews. A similar system is currently under legal challenge in Amsterdam over privacy concerns. The advantages are that drivers merely have to input their registration number, and do not have to return to vehicles with a ticket (and place it correctly inside) while enforcement is much easier. Unlike in Amsterdam, drivers can also pay in cash (as well as by mobile phone). DENMARK. Formula One could return to Scandinavia after a break of forty years says Bernie Ecclestone was to meet backers this week though talks have now been postponed until January. There’s no mention of the track’s location or whether the bid – for 2018 – has (vital) state backing though it is being fronted by a former science minister. The last race in in Scandinavia was the 1978 Swedish Grand Prix.


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