James Bond on Timmelsjoch

Last updated 18:15GMT, Thursday 4 December.


TODAY: traffic busy into Dover. Queues lessening Eurotunnel freight France (car passengers diverted to J39 on A16 motorway). Also, long freight delays earlier into Dunkirk.

Fatal floods south of Rome. Floods Thessaloniki region Greece; Kapitan-Andreevo border crossing Bulgaria-Turkey closed (drivers advised to divert Harmanli-Elhovo-Lesovo instead). Evacuations in Hohe Wand and military vehicles deployed in Burgenland, both eastern Austria, due to ‘ice storm’ with weather unlikely to improve for next few days. Still ice warnings Central>East Europe (but improving), arounSaarbrucken/Eifel Mountains and east Germany. Czech Republic badly affected by snow/ice past few days. Snow yesterday Pyrenees, Swiss Alps (currently snow H2/H19 Gotthard. H13 Locarno-Brissano still restricted by landslides at Lugano) and heavy sleet Austria/Italy/Slovenia border.

LOOKING AHEAD: intensive rainfall parts of Bosnia tomorrow; a heads-up on Belgium’s next general strike on Monday; poor weekend weather Spain; early rush hour Holland from 15:00 on Friday for St Nicholas holiday.


CHANNEL DELAYS: reduced service DFDS Dover-Calais until 4 January, currently delayed 2h30. Eurotunnel freight France, busy, wait before check-in down to 30mins.

WEATHER ALERT: no red or amber alerts: yellow for ice Central, rain South.

WEATHER: rain Mediterranean, cold North.


MONT BLANC TUNNEL: ‘traffic is fluent’.

MAJOR TRAFFIC DELAYS: A86 ring south west Paris, accident Chantenay delay 60mins.

A13 westbound into Antwerp, accident Wommelgem, delay down to 1h15 + A21 inbound delay 55mins.

A44 eastbound Dortmund-Kassel, accident Buren, delay 60mins. A661 southbound into Frankfurt, incident Main, delay 60mins. A66 eastbound Frankfurt-Fulda, accident Bad Orb delay 55mins.

Earliernow no delay A12 eastbound from Den Haag, A4 both ways Aachen-Cologne, A2 westbound Magdeburg, A5 northbound Basel-Karlsruhe, A8 eastbound to Ulm. A7 northbound to Wurzburg, road works Ellwangen, delay down to 30mins. A1 northbound into Lausanne, earlier breakdown, lane blocked, delay down to 30mins.

See Travel/Traffic/Weather for more.


James Bonds new car: Aston Martin DB10. Not expected to reach showrooms until 2016 but will be in cinemas this time next year.

James Bond’s new car: Aston Martin DB10. Not expected on real-life roads until 2016 – and then only a strictly limited run of ten will be produced – but DB10 will be in cinemas next November, co-star of Spectre, aka ‘Bond 24’, the twenty fourth film in the James Bond franchise. Notable locations will include Solden in south west Austria, on the B186 down to the Italian border via the fearsome 2474m Timmelsjoch Pass. The news comes a day after it was revealed that five Range Rovers, also intended for Spectre, had been stolen from Jaguar Land Rover’s training base in Neuss, west Germany. Buyers should be beware: the specially prepared stunt vehicles have front suspension which is designed to collapse and easy-shatter windscreens.


roundup: CZECH REPUBLIC. Eyebrows raised as the head of one of the country’s largest construction companies is appointed Minister of Transport. Dan Tok, former head of Skanska for CR and Slovakia, will be the tenth TranMin in less than six years. In a statement Skanska praised Tok’s commitment to business ethics and transparency. His tasks include building a high speed rail network, kick-starting motorway construction and appointing a new road tolls operator. FINLAND-RUSSIA. A new mandatory pre-booking system for crossing the Russian border at Vaalimaa – the main route between Helsinki and St Petersburg – goes live for trucks on 15 December (bookings open now) and on 19 January for cars (live on 5 January). The aim is to reduce congestion at peak hours. Booking can be done in advance over the internet or at ‘live queue’ terminals in the vicinity or nearby ports. See evpa.fi for more.


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  1. Has anyone heard anymore about REGINA LINE ferry from harwich UK to denmark… As it seems to have disappeared !!!!!

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