Scotland Lowers Drink Drive Limit

Not un-controversially, Scotland lowers its drink driving limit today; bans will apply to the whole of the UK.

British parliamentarians visit Calais to see the migrant crisis at first hand. Fresh impetus to build Crimea’s vital Kerch crossing. The EU funds a start-up hydrogen refuelling network in northern Europe.


Scotland lowered its drink drive limit at midnight, to 50mg in every 100ml of blood from 80mg. For the average man that's less than a pint of regular beer or a large glass of wine; for women around half of that.

Scotland lowered its drink drive limit at midnight, to 50mg per 100ml of blood (from 80mg). For an average man that’s less than a pint of regular beer (or a large glass of wine) says the BBC. For women it’s around half of that. Controversially, any British driver who falls foul will be banned for a minimum of twelve months in the whole of the UK, even if they live outside Scotland, and tested under 80mg..


roundup: CRIMEA. Construction of the Kerch Bridge from the Russian mainland must start next year says Russian pm Dmitry Medvedev today. As well as cutting down on the notorious queues, ‘Crimea needs to feel that it is an integral part of a big and powerful country,’ he says quoted by QHAY, Crimea News Agency. There is currently no land connection between Russia and Crimea; we have previously speculated that the on-off fortunes of the technically very difficult Kerch crossing ebb and flow with the fortunes of the ‘rebel’ war in eastern Ukraine. CALAIS MIGRANTS. As promised during its recent hearing, members of the Home Affairs Select Committee are visiting Calais today, for the first time, to see situation for themselves. HYDROGEN. The EU is funding a €3.5m study into implementing hydrogen fuel stations for fuel-cell cars in Belgium, Finland, Poland and Riga, Latvia, and ‘deploy and test’ three hydrogen filling stations in Finland and Sweden. Set to conclude next December. This is part two of the HIT (Hydrogen Infrastructure for Transport) project, the first part of which is a 1000km chain of three filling stations between Gothenburg in Sweden and Rotterdam in the Netherlands.


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