Migrant Focus Shifts To Other Channel Ports

The British and French governments say they are already on to the possibility the migrant crisis could spread to other ports from now secure Calais and Eurotunnel.



As Calais calms fears Dunkirk could be next, and Zeebrugge too.

UK Home Secretary Theresa May and French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve in Calais today. Photo @Place_Beauvau

Tough shot: UK Home Secretary Theresa May and French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve in Calais today. Photo @Place_Beauvau

As the situation appears to return to normal at Calais and Eurotunnel, attention shits to other ports thought vulnerable to people traffickers.

Calais has been secure for some months now according to P&O while this is now the second week free of overnight migrant disruption at Eurotunnel’s freight terminal in France (see update below).

At the signing of a new security deal in Calais today between the British and French governments, British Home secretary Theresa May told reporters she was ‘well aware of the possibility of displacement’ and was looking at security at other ports, including Dunkirk.

The seven page declaration published alongside the meeting says, ‘The two governments have commissioned a study of other Channel and appropriate North Sea ports that could be used by criminal gangs exploiting migrants. The two governments will commission and implement new security measures if necessary, based on that study.’

Although migrant activity has not so far disturbed ferry operations at Dunkirk on a regular basis there have been tragic incidents. Last November two migrants burned to death in the back of truck which caught fire while waiting to board at the port.

The Daily Mail published a report last week on a camp at Teteghem, near Dunkirk, though it is thought migrants stow away in cars there before attempting to cross the Channel at Calais or Eurotunnel.

Meanwhile, P&O tells the Hull Daily Mail it has not seen an increase in migrant activity at Zeebrugge, Belgium – from where it sails twice daily to Hull – but that it stands ready to increase security if and when it does so.

Last week, Belgium set up a national ‘Task Force’ expressly to prevent any ports becoming ‘the next Calais’.

Update 24 August: since the meeting, the migrants have disrupted Eurotunnel on several occasions after gaining repeated access to the bulk freight train yard in Calais, see more.


The sun sets on the DFDS Esbjerg-Harwich ferry between courses on our last night celebratory dinner in the very good on-board restaurant. A few weeks later DFDS announced they would withdraw the service - the final UK-Scandinavia boat - at the end of the summer. Especially gutting because we spent most of the voyage conjuring up ace new trips, to the Arctic circle and beyond.

Throw back Thursday: catching the ferry back from Denmark in March 2014 after driving around the Baltic. A few months later it was withdrawn, and with it the last ferry link between the UK and Scandinavia. The stories about possible replacements are still among the most-read on @DriveEurope


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